In late July, the Russian expedition sent to Ararat to find the legendary ship in November. Like a year ago, an expedition led by Andrey Polyakov, orientalist, journalist and filmmaker. Most recently, he and a connoisseur of modern, ancient and silent language, member of the Guinness Book of Records, Willy Melnikov unraveled the mystery of the two Arks. As it turned out, the foot trod on November the two ships.

Svetlana Melnikova. Andrew almost every year sounds about what Noah's Ark either find or have already found it. On what is your assurance that you will find the legendary ship this summer?

Andrei Polyakov. Indeed, such statements are made constantly. Last year alone, there were at least 20. But this, at least, it's ridiculous, because only open for climbing the south slope of Mount Ararat, and there is, by definition, there can be nothing. Two of the participants in our last expedition reached the summit, but it was done only in order to avoid this side of the mountain from further searches. I personally have no such statements did not make it easy to check by comparing my direct and indirect speech of journalists. In fact, we actually removed the fossilized skeleton of a huge ship. And today, I absolutely know that this is also the Ark, but not one which sailed Noah companions. And confidence in the success of the current expedition lies in the fact that the bits I managed to build an absolutely exact route Russian expedition in 1916. From it there's only one photo, which is the only documentary evidence of the existence of the Ark of Noah.

Svetlana Melnikova. And what was this expedition?

Andrei Polyakov. This is a fairly well-known story. In short, it looks like this. In 1916, during the First World War, a group of Russian airmen were based on the time the airport is about 25 miles north-west of Mount Ararat. In one of the usual August day was raised into the air plane number seven. It has been specially converted to high-altitude tests, and was instructed to hold their captain Vladimir Roskovitsky and his partner. During a flyby of Ararat they saw something that looked like a ship. It measures just hit: it has long been a city block, and you can compare it with modern warships of those years. On the finding reported to the base, but in response to pilots heard a laugh, loud and long. Then there was the second flight. And after all the information was sent to the Government of St. Petersburg. Tsar Nicholas II, being a devout man, outfitted two squads of soldiers with orders to climb the mountain. Fifty men attacked a slope, and on another hill climbing up a group of a hundred people. It took two weeks of hard work to overcome the valley at the base of the mountain, and about a month passed before a hundred men reached the ark and saw him. Were carried out detailed measurements, drawings, and many photographs removed. The materials were sent to Russia, but there is the February Revolution broke out, and almost all disappeared without a trace in its still waters.
Svetlana Melnikova. Is that all? Where then are the details?
Andrei Polyakov. Of course not all. Part of the white officers, including Roskovitsky after 1917 were forced to leave their homeland. Several people have successfully established themselves in the United States. In the 30s there stood a boom over the Ark, and local reporters managed to track down the heroes march on Ararat. I have a few interviews in the archive. By the way, Roskovitsky became a preacher in the United States. There are some very interesting details, but let's leave them until the secret.
Svetlana Melnikova. This is due to recent statements by the Americans? I mean the picture decoding satellite Quick Bird. They identified images with Noah's Ark?
Andrei Polyakov. You have forgotten to mention that they are going to Ararat in the same terms as we do. So I did not want to open before going all the cards. I saw this picture, along with specialists. Our general view is that — at the Ark is clearly not pull. Although I have suggested that it might be. But it's also still no comment. They have yet to get there. This is not Yugoslavia or Iraq, where all of them are simple: come, bombed and flew away. But you have to give them credit — they know how to market themselves. Let's see what this is all over. Time excellent judge. It will judge us. A fellow journalist, I would advise to take a closer read all the information that is associated with this snapshot of who these people are, what their company and where it is registered. Similarly, the media have launched information that the American Robert Ballard, who found the Titanic in his time, goes to look for Noah's ark. As it turned out, Ballard Ararat was not even going, expressing doubts about such searches. It's probably such a popular American entertainment — make sweeping statements about the search for the ark.
Svetlana Melnikova. That is, you just go to another point?
Andrei Polyakov. That's right.
Svetlana Melnikova. But what becomes of your last year's discovery? I mean that education, like a huge ship that you were able to film in the past year?
Andrei Polyakov. What it is possible to understand only a month ago. And helped me in this well-known connoisseur of modern and ancient languages and silent Willy Melnikov. To his help, I resorted after almost all of our scientists in one way or another connected with the ancient languages were not able to identify the inscription made on one of the stones. I took it almost by accident. We were in place, where the so-called anchor stones. And on this rock I initially did not even pay attention. He made the switch to a local boy. He took my hand and asked to translate what is written there. I said it in Armenian, and I do not understand. But the boy said very firmly that it is not Armenian. Since the Armenians who came there, could not read the inscription. Scientists have identified as ancient Armenian script. Since there are no specialists in Russia, and I turned to Willie, we also spotted poluchudesnym way. But that is another story. So, I invited him to my office for an interview Ostankino and in the end decided to show him a copy of the inscription. Within fifteen minutes he was able to do decryption. Meaning of written we jokingly called the "survival kit". Then I invited Willie to see the draft version of our film "Ararat in search of the Ark". When we got to the scene, where there's this huge ship, I said that, according to information available to me, Noah's Ark is more like a submarine, and this ship — the spitting image of ocean yacht. After a small pause, Melnikov said that in one of the libraries in Europe he got the text unknown author, dating from around 3rd century BC. Willie himself called the text "m". It was in the text that Noah during the drift on the water depths in one day saw a huge ship, the size of which coincides with his ark. Noah was hoping that someone else managed to escape, but when he stepped on board the other ship, that there was not a single soul …. In my opinion, this is the very second ark. He, by the way, is 30 kilometers from Mount Ararat and is resting on the mountain Aquila. Its something we were able to remove the camera from last year.
Svetlana Melnikova. But that is changing all the modern idea of the flood! On two of the ark in the Bible does not say anything.
Andrei Polyakov. This complements the Old Testament. The text of the Bible is a condensed version of a story about the flood that have been borrowed from the ancient Sumerians. A clay tablets shed on this story much more light. Some of them can read that before the Flood on Earth have quite a developed civilization, which had a fleet. Its ships plied between Africa and Mesopotamia. They were quite large, match their owners. Yes, and still have not found what growth was Noah himself. In the Old Testament, by the way, there is mention of the fact that in addition to the ordinary people in the world lived the giants. And it is they came in to the daughters of men. And the same original sin is not to our human civilization, but directly to this giant. In the apocryphal Book of Enoch it is written more detail. And when this "gigantic civilization" began to threaten humanity and the youngest was sent to Earth to the Deluge. Noah, as we all know, was then almost the only righteous man, and he was destined to be saved. A ship building, according to that same Book of Enoch, and helped the Angels. Much the same has been written and the Sumerians. By the way, the name of Noah and Noah translates roughly as "Giving up hope because she will be able to swim," or more precisely "I heard it (hope to) lose, because it will float."
Svetlana Melnikova. And then what does the word "ark"?
Andrei Polyakov. The oldest of its value — "the spirit of the homeless, sit on my shoulders." This Punic Phoenician. In modern Hebrew, it has several shades. And if we're talking about the meaning of words, we must mention the name of Mount Ararat. Following the logic of the most ancient Hurrian tribes, precursors of Urartu, "AraUtHaTeYa" means — "That is something unprecedented, that we dreamed that we were in the valley," or short "Miracle, had a dream to us in the valley." Turkish name translates Aary Day a much more prosaic — "Mountain of pain." And we have experienced during our last year of the expedition, when three of their four of its members had been ill so-called "mountain sickness."
Svetlana Melnikova. There is imparting that Noah's Ark should not be touched, and that when he comes people will start the so-called End of the World …
Andrei Polyakov. End of the World, and without the Ark is happening before our eyes. As for the legend, which you mentioned, it is associated with the ascent of the mountain monk Jacob. He took several days to several tried to climb Ararat. But every time when I wake up in the morning to discover that is on the very spot where the ascent began. Once in a dream an angel appeared to him and gave a piece of the hull. The angel said that the Ark will open people only when God Himself so wishes. Hence the whole story. Everything else is invented by people, and this program should be removed. A piece of shell now — a relic and is located in the city of Etchmiadzin in Armenia, and has a piece of it in 1766 Catholicos Simeon Erevatsitsi donated to Catherine II, expressing gratitude to these Russian empress for her care of the Armenian people.
Svetlana Melnikova. Your project is also the patron of a real princess. Perhaps it is no coincidence?
Andrei Polyakov. And it's the only princess in Russia. Natalie Bagrationi von Brandt — aka Natalia Mesentseva much involved in charity work. When she heard about our project, we happily agreed to help. I would also like to present in search of the Ark of the tradition. As I mentioned earlier, the 1916 expedition personally oversaw Nicholas II. Also, Natalia — the wife of the rector of Trinity Church in Sheets on Sretenke. This church belonged to the Admiralty. In it, Peter consecrated his famous small boat and that it received the blessing of all of Russia's sea trips. This here is an interesting weave.
Svetlana Melnikova. And your present expedition has received the blessing of the Russian Orthodox Church?
Andrei Polyakov. We all very much look forward to it. The corresponding request was sent. But it should be noted that Noah — a symbol of the three major religions — Christianity, Judaism and Islam. So we hope for their kindness to our campaign. By the way, a blessing to work in television seven years ago, I received in Jerusalem — the Church of the Beheading of John the Baptist. This temple belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church.
Svetlana Melnikova. What difficulties might lie in wait on Ararat this time?
Andrei Polyakov. I would not like to think about them. I for myself have always drawn only positive images. The difficulty, of course, can be. But the experience of last year made me personally very seriously to make preparations. This is associated with a very strict diet and special training of the body. The only thing that worries me, because it is a physical readiness of other team members.
Svetlana Melnikova. And who had the honor to get to your team?
Andrei Polyakov. First of all — a few crews, two geologists from the Kazan State University, the archaeologist, said Willy Melnikov and of course, professional climbers. From those who were not rebound. For a whole year I received a call from across the country. Now consider the question of the participation of several commercial business. Some of them have the necessary experience and can bring us all possible assistance.
Svetlana Melnikova. And who is funding the trip?
Andrei Polyakov. While this is my own money and donations. The fact that the estimated cost of the expedition is made without any frills. On the holy cause can not be rude to earn. Everyone who came to the wrong thoughts, has somehow vanished itself. But it's for the best. In the past year, all of the unique filming was done on my own money, and I do not regret it. If you know Mel Gibson, who directed the most popular movie "The Passion of the Christ", also spent some of his own money to create. For a year he did not want to roll neither the company concerned. Now, perhaps, sorry.
Svetlana Melnikova. Your film "Ararat in search of the Ark" is also almost a year ago, has been completed and none of it has not really seen.
Andrei Polyakov. All can, and for the better. This version is a little outdated, since all of the major discoveries were made after the completion of the installation. I show it to colleagues mostly journalists and friends. But just the other day something happened that force us to reconsider that attitude. I gave a copy of the film to one new friend from Estonia. The next day he called me and said that he cried during his watch. I do not know how to treat this.
Svetlana Melnikova. And you're on TV it was offered?
Andrei Polyakov. Offered. But then the dual situation. Many people know me for past work and think that I want to use them for their own selfish purposes. Another, unknown to me, it's just not interesting. They somehow believe that people love to watch endless films about Stalin or Brezhnev … So now I'm more guided by Western audiences, and in Russia is likely to restrict the release of tapes.
Svetlana Melnikova. But with one of the Russian TV you still working with?
Andrei Polyakov. Until recently, I worked on the first true digital television in Russia. I can even call himself a pioneer of the TV itself. I was able to create from scratch two channels, to write and to develop the so-called content, specially adapted for viewing in cars. Unfortunately, managed to realize only a small part. I hope that there will be a second attempt at some new like TV. I still do, in spite of his passion for antiquity, a supporter of sophisticated technology on TV.
Svetlana Melnikova. As far as we know, you're going to pass directly reporting directly to Ararat. This is also a cutting-edge technology?
Andrei Polyakov. Yes, it is analog technology, used by the Americans in Iraq. So television viewers Rambler Television Network will be able to watch our explorations in real time. I think for some it will be no less interesting than artificial reality shows. These events are necessary also in order to avoid being accused of forgery, performances, etc. Moreover, the Americans will be somewhere nearby, and they like to throw something "such things." At least remember them landing on the moon.
Svetlana Melnikova. As the Turkish authorities at all this look?
Turkey is now a difficult situation. Once again began active operations Kurdish militant groups. But I think they are by their actions do not reflect the views of all Kurds living in the country. Moreover, those who live near Mount Ararat, have high hopes for the development of tourism in the region. And we can not just make them good publicity, but also to attract tourists from Russia in the region. You have no idea how many people in our country want to get to the holy mountains of Ararat.
Svetlana Melnikova. I sincerely wish you success of your expedition, and so help you God!
Andrei Polyakov. It is by faith in His help and support of our invisible people and we're going to Ararat. Without the ark will not find us. The key to solving the mystery — in our hands.

Author: Svetlana Melnikova 8-926-213-59-30.
mesvetlana@yandex.ru 01.07.2004

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