Europe is sinking

Powerful cyclone triggered heavy rainfall. The disaster affected areas of France, Italy and Spain. The streets of cities and towns flooded, transport does not walk, turn off the electricity and gas, roads washed out. Is the mass evacuation of people. Brunt of the disaster has turned into a worldwide catastrophe.

High Water

Hurricane winds and heavy rains are in no hurry to leave Italy, where for the last two weeks of revelry of elements already killed 20 people. Now her whole power descended on Turin. The capital of the Piedmont region frozen in anticipation — the water level in the river is very close to the critical point, and if the rain does not stop, the flow will go to the city. Exhausted from fear Italians trapped in rubble, the rescuers carried on hands. Many residents of the flooded city waited on by two days in the cold and dark.
From some areas already evacuated about 600 people. Closed schools, shops, railway stations. Residents advised not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary.
On the other side of the peninsula — in Venice — elements already raging vengeance. And if the water is pushed Piazza San Marco — a phenomenon for this time of year is quite common, it is located to the south of Naples to surprises weather was not ready.
Emergency regime was declared in the regions of Liguria and Tuscany. As a result of rampant disaster killed 16 local residents, hundreds of cars were damaged. Reported, which particularly affected by the floods Liguria, including the capital city of Genoa. Authorities are trying to solve the problem of life support and evacuating casualties.

France flees

After Italy cyclone spread to the south of France. Began mass power outages. Without heat and light were 8000 families. From dangerous areas managed to take more than two thousand people. Before leaving the big water to all of them have to live on an emergency evacuation center organized, and almost all are afraid that will have to go back to the ruins.
In the 12 French departments announced the penultimate level of anxiety. There are the first data on the victims — killed three people. The most difficult situation is in the Var. Rains caused mudslides washed away roads, many communities are cut off from the world. And quick end to disasters is not waiting. People are trying to stock up on water and food. Some rescued by helicopters.

Russian does not hurt

Followed by Italy and France, a powerful cyclone reached Spain. Prolonged rains in Spain caused the rise of the water level in the rivers, the sea, a violent storm. In some Spanish regions snowed. Closed to access roads, disrupted the movement of trains. In the 24 regions of the country declared a storm warning. The picture is the same — the incessant rains, over the banks of the river, squally winds and fallen trees on city streets.
It should be noted that flooding in Italy, France and Spain were not affected in those countries of tourists from Russia. High season in Europe is over, so the bad weather in several European cities is not affected by the mass arrivals.

Author: Zoe Jilin

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