Lithuanian dissident Pociunas was killed KGB

Vytautas Pociunas was killed in Belarus. This opinion was expressed by veteran dissident movement in Lithuania Niyole Sadunaytse, reports DELFI.

August 23, 2006 the Lithuanian special services officer Vytautas Pociunas, which was on a business trip in Brest, died under mysterious circumstances.

"Pociunas four years ago was killed. Killed. Hundred percent. I Valdas Adamkus talked about it after the murder. They shall take of the Belarusian security officer, let them show you how it pushed through the window that opens only so much that a girl growth of 150 cm and weighing 50 kg could get out, "- said Ms. Sadunaytse.

Attorney General's Office is investigating the circumstances of the death V.Potsyunasa the third time. Twice it was revealed that the death of intelligence officer — an accident, and that he allegedly fell from the window of the eighth floor of the hotel in Brest. With these findings widow V.Potsyunasa disagreed and hopes that prosecutors are now finding out that her husband was killed — thrown or kicked out of the window.

Among the versions of the reasons for the possible murder of late in the Lithuanian press mentioned the fact that he allegedly corrupt self-interest bonds Lithuanian businessmen and politicians, opaque energy projects, as well as the disappearance of the money, which meant the Belarusian opposition.

When the investigation is completed in V.Potsyunasa — is unclear. According to unofficial data, surveyed the old and new witnesses, made an investigative experiment to determine V.Potsyunas could vypastsi himself out of the window. Relatives of the deceased have not ruled out murder if the evidence is not enough, they will ask to exhume.

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