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Siberian military rearmed new steel utensils and began to feed better than the American soldiers

Siberian soldiers received several thousand new sets of dishes. Most of it is made in Russia, but there are also foreign kitchenware. Feed the soldiers are now professional chefs. Paying for it is the Ministry of Defence through the companies that actually own it. Soldier's diet is richer, and the Russian army eats better than our Western "military friends".

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FAQ: Novosibirsk Arms association — group of forces in the Central Military District (CVO) of Russia. Formed on the basis of the 41st Field Army. As of 2010 in the Army included: 1 Motorized Infantry Division, 3 infantry regiments, 1 artillery regiment reactive, one tank regiment, one anti-aircraft missile regiment. The total number of military personnel is a military secret.

Part of the Novosibirsk-Arms Association, according to the press service of the CVO, received more than 7 million sets of new dinnerware. The standard set of dishes for a soldier includes a bowl, dinner plate, thermal mug, fork, knife and spoon and teaspoon. For the first time soldiers have supplied thermal mugs with a false bottom. All utensils made of stainless steel.

Such dishes in Russia makes several companies in the Upper Salda (Sverdlovsk region), Bryansk and another Asha Metallurgical Plant, which is located in the southern Urals.

Leaders of "Asha Metallurgical Plant" has confirmed that their company has won the tender for the supply of glassware for the Department of Defense. The share of this production at the plant is 2-3%. Base prices for army dishes: deep dish (bowl) 0.8 L — 137.7 rubles., Shallow dish — 97.25 rubles., Mug, stainless steel single-wall — 94.75. But the mug with a double bottom, according to a specialist sales Asha Metallurgical Plant Nicholas Neobutova in Russia do not make. Special equipment for such production is in India and China. According to Nicholas unshod, the Defense Ministry Russia twice to place orders for these mugs at auction for 400 thousand each, but where and at what price they were purchased, is unknown.

"Replacement of the army of the old aluminum cookware with a new stainless steel associated primarily with changes in technology dishwashing.

Previously, aluminum cookware in parts washed by hand or in machines using soap or baking soda added. Very thin film of aluminum oxide on the surface does not suffer from this. Now wash the dishes with the use of new chemicals that can disrupt this film, and a dish of food poisoning can be, "- commented on the situation with the replacement of Nicholas unshod. Shelf-life stainless steel cookware for the army must be at least 4 years.

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On the Web site, "OboronTeh" specializing in supplying various "military" goods, thermo mug 0,33 l with two walls is 319 rubles. Insulated cups from "Expedition" in volume 280 ml sold for 420 rubles.

They are fed from the new dishes in the army now not trained soldiers cookery business and professional chefs. Even last year, the power of Novosibirsk soldiers lost in the conduct of third parties that receive the money for it from the Ministry of Defence.

As explained in the press service of the CVO, it is possible to free the soldiers and sergeants from non-core functions, and improve the quality of the cooked food. These "outside organizations" must not only prepare food, but also to independently perform all business transactions — from delivery of products to wash dishes.

The current process of catering is also "double layer". Exclusive provider of such services in the territory of Russia selected "Voyentorg", which is 100% owned by the Company "Oboronservis", which, in turn, is entirely the responsibility of the military.

The "Guidelines for the organization of military power", approved by the Minister of Defence in 2010, contains the mass of the recommended servings (courses): cold appetizers — 100-150 g of entrees — 250-300 g of meat (fish) dishes with sauce — 100 — 120 g of toppings — 180-230 g; beverages — 150-200 g

Government contracts for catering to the subsidiaries' Voyentorg "conclude all the units and the army. For non-compliance "cooks" face fines. In a typical contract, one of the units is said that the use of expired products executor will pay 5% of the value of the service for each day that there was a violation. According to the weekly "Military-Industrial Courier," food cost per soldier per day is about 107 rubles. Total in a contract of more than 20 demerit points. According to one of them for the decline in the share of potatoes and vegetables in your diet by substituting for cereals in the week threatened a fine of 0.5% of the contract amount. And third-party "chefs" may not distribute the data on the number of soldiers eating in the dining room, and their performance.

In 2011, the weekly magazine "Military-Industrial Courier" conducted a study which shows that the current base-arms calorie ration in Russia is 4400 kcal. For comparison, in the U.S. Army caloric equivalent of 4255 kcal ration, Germany — 3950 kcal, England — 4050 kcal, France — 3875 kcal.

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