Market that does not want to go out of the shadows

Not all of the Company's schools offer students a hostel, so many are forced to rent apartments or rooms. However, statistics show that only about fifty thousand owners in Belarus pay taxes on profits handed square meters. How risky it is to rent this apartment without a formalized agreement?

According to the General Statistics Office in Minsk, more than 20,000 people are privately owned by two apartments. Three apartments owned by a little more than five hundred residents of Minsk, four, and more — three dozen. It is significant that the number of "blocks" over the past five years has increased by almost half. The number of those who rent apartments officially, is 28,000. The city budget is due to the owner of the fair for the first half made a fortune of 6.5 billion rubles. How many people are engaged in such business in secret — just do not even know the police. In the Minsk City Executive Committee believe that gray schemes seems every second apartment. In this regard, the tax authorities have intensified: in the past year, as a result of testing more than 400 owners, the penalties for hidden income exceeded 124 million rubles.

Anatoly Witkowski been working in Minsk, but his own apartment and not profiteer. The last few years does not pay for rental housing only, but, in agreement with the owner, and income tax. Says that the amount of fees varies depending on many factors:

to actually rent winter by 200,000 turns on …

"It all depends on the area where you shoot, the location of the apartment. Taken into account the house itself — it Xruschevka or prefabricated building, next to the subway or on the distance. Mostly Price ranges from 1 to 2 base units monthly. I pay half — a little More than 52 thousand rubles. size depends primarily on the location of houses and apartments. But less than 1 base unit no. I have a formal contract, it has been signed. At one time they were imprisoned for one year and is renewable. So, it turns out, I pay around 60 thousand rubles for a communal summer and 120,000 in the winter, so the meters are not worth 52 thousand plus tax, telephone. Anyway, to the actual rent winter by 200,000 obtained from above. "

The most expensive in terms of taxes — apartments in the center of Minsk. So, for the one-bedroom rental unit along Independence Avenue income tax rate is 4 basic units per month — 140 thousand rubles. For comparison, the pay for similar housing in residential areas pulls half less — 2 basic units or 70,000 rubles.

City officials report that, oddly enough, the most exemplary platselnikami are just owners of luxury homes in prime locations. Flat business class with the cost of rent from $ 500 per month targeted primarily for putting foreigners or by the day, constantly flashing on the pages of newspaper advertising. Hence it is probable that the fiscal authorities eventually find interest to owners who receive profits. But as for the standard panel buildings, the much more modest rent money remains unaccounted for. Naturally, there is a difference — pay 4 basic units, but get $ 500 of income, and say goodbye to the base 2, with room for 50-70 dollars. Besides, as they say themselves Landlords, crisis seriously crippled the business, forcing lower prices:

Metro line in a block of flats can be rented for $ 200 a month …

"Prices fell, and noticeable. Underground line in a block of flats can be rented for $ 200 a month, although in the past there were three hundredth I think that now is an apartment somewhere in Factory area can be removed for $ 150, or maybe even 100. It all depends on whether it is a bug-infested or-less normal place. When a mile to the nearest bus stop, and there is still half an hour to go to the subway, you may have a hundred dollars you can negotiate. "

However, experts believe that even the current real estate prices in Belarus, especially in the capital, overstated. Apartments in Minsk expensive than even in some EU countries. Businessman Yuri Dankoff believes that the chance to cash in on the housing shortage does not let any one structure is attached to the process of construction of houses:

"Well, as it could allow so cost housing? Even I, with my income is not possible for me to build an apartment at this price. I look from the side and do not understand: where does this cost? Where such calculations? And it turns out, on what is inflated? Designers prices tumble, city halls, or as in our case, the Minsk City Executive Committee, wind the money on the ground. As the land may be worth the money, what is the price than it is due? There that paved new communication there that had a subway? No, just someone came and said, yeah, it was worth a dollar, let him now will be worth a thousand dollars. That's all the arithmetic. "

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