Misha Saakashvili and sponsors will pay Adjara?

Mikheil Saakashvili with sponsors will pay Adjara?It would seem that after the crazy adventures of the Georgian authorities to supply zabugornyh sponsors standard 2008, when it eventually lost Georgia in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, the same Georgian authorities had to make a proper draw conclusions. But it seems that is a traditional example of a mistake, even so trivial, politicians do not teach anything. With respect to the Russian Federation from the Georgian authorities, and at first the president Saakashvili, there is the old hysteria that, to all other often bordered with the idea of naked revenge. Sadly, Misha Saakashvili on this idea again wishes to achieve themselves and their own party political points at every turn anti-Russian hanging tabs and trying to put the Russian Federation in the eyes of the Georgian people, a major setback to Georgia. In this case, the rhetoric often focuses on the fact that our homeland even historically been a major evil, and its main task was to suppress their own tiny southern neighbor.

All the appropriate people, of course, understand that these words to reality real invincible abyss, but the fact remains that the anti-Russian sentiment in the country of Georgia for soon gained considerable momentum.

Only here in the near future by the Georgian authorities had some distraction from their own bagpipes with an old Russian special services, which are virtually flooded with Tbilisi and other Georgian town of intrusive ideas about what almost everyone in Russia is up and sees the enslavement of civilians Georgians. And the reason for this kind of distraction gave Georgia Southern neighbors — the Turks.

Initially, the Turkish press, the creators of which have been very constructive-minded politicians. This information concerned the 1st of political-administrative regions of Georgia — Adjara. According to representatives of certain political forces in Turkey, Adjara in 1878 is under the yoke of occupation of the Georgian …

The fact that up to the time indicated Adjariya was part of Turkey for over 3 centuries. And she moved to the Ottomans after the feudal fragmentation in Georgia, where individual Autocephalous rulers have failed to resolve the issue of the impending residence in a single country. The result is that Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878, Russian troops liberated from Turkish Adjara claims, then Adjara was annexed to the Russian Empire. In all this there was absolutely saved state, cultural and religious identity, was a steady increase in the number of labor collectives, who worked on the special protectionism on the part of the country's scheme to give huge tax breaks.

But the Turkish authorities in the difficult years Georgia has repeatedly raised the question of how to return the Adjara under its wing. Samples of such returns were made during the civilian war in Russia, are also being made now, but other methods. Ankara understands that in order to make their own Adjara, now do not need to enter in troops, and to use, as they now read, policies myagenkoy force. And I must say that this policy is implemented successfully in Adjara Turkish authorities.
The fact that the population Adjara less than 380 thousand people, more than 10% of the population of this region are ethnic Turks who have Georgian passports. Only in the period from 2010 to 2012, the Georgian authorities have issued 25 thousand new Georgian passports to Turkish residents of Adjara. Of course, that if this trend continues, soon the Turkish minority in this part of Georgia is completely ethnic group can become an equal, if not the majority, because the activity of Muslim communities now in any country of the world manifests itself quite clearly. Georgia in this regard is no exception.

Now the Georgian opposition, which is stubbornly trying to force the Georgian authorities to silence democratic, states that the Muslim community in Adjara is about 31% of the population of the region. Over the past few years in this part of Georgia managed to seem nothing less than, 180 mosques and more than fifty Muslim religious schools. This trend Georgian opposition now almost everything reminds the Kosovo precedent.

It's clear that after the collapse of Yugoslavia, Kosovo for a long time remained a part of Serbia. But with the active assistance of Albania and the West, the Serbian territory intensely populated by ethnic Albanians, many of whom had both Serbian and Albanian passports. When the number of Albanians in Kosovo has reached a certain point, which can be called critical, the separatists began to use this fact to solve their own puzzles. In the end, it was announced that the Serbian authorities to violate the rights of the Kosovar Albanians, and President Milosevic sends the terrain edge of outright genocide of the Albanian population. The plan, as you know, worked: on Belgrade and other Serbian town swooped democratic NATO aircraft, which with the help of bombs and agreed to the final separation of Kosovo from Serbia, and Kosovo itself is now accepted by a number of states as independent state.

But, anyway, adzhar scenario in almost all identical to the scenario of Kosovo. The only difference here is that Pristina and Belgrade took the path of confrontation actually first and Tbilisi and Ankara continue to read about their own friendship forever. And if such a friendship of Turkey clearly at hand, here's sovereign Saakashvili harbors the hope that Turkey from this friendship will claim not anything in return.

In the meantime, all is quiet on the outside of Adjara. Developing tourism, new hotels and roads. Only now, all these projects are implemented in almost all the Turkish agents. Investments Ankara look like a typical sleeping pills to Tbilisi, which Misha Saakashvili with a pretty face eats. In exchange, the south of Adjara (area at the Turkish border) smoothly converted to the region, which almost completely under the control of Turkey. Here is developed Turkish Turkish business agent for the active management of the Turkish system. Ajarians here are melting minority. In the local villages are almost impossible to hear Georgian language. Catchy and the fact that the terrain south of Adjara Turkish businessmen formed a special cluster is very hard to understand the business. According to the local residents here is flourishing prostitution and sex tourism, the proceeds of which go across the Turkish border. The inhabitants of the villages yuzhnoadzharskih even wrote an appeal to Saakashvili with a request to solve this dilemma, but no word from the president did not come. This once again proves that Georgian favorite now can not manage their own principles, but must work on those instructions that forced him outside. For the outer veneer, which is fine Batumi embankments and perfectly restored buildings, hiding foreign funding, which at some point will become a stumbling block to Tbilisi.

Zabugornye investors can go in two ways: either will force the Georgian authorities to dance to their tune and support their work in Georgia (Which is already happening), or — a particular scenario where the same foreign financial donors themselves zahochut steer the state (as happened in Kosovo). And if all goes according to the second path, the first territory that could get out of Tbilisi submission will specifically Adjara.

And if so, Misha Saakashvili may be typical of the Georgian spill Misha Gorbachev, who claimed to democratic Western references, and in that time has permitted the country to fall apart right before his eyes. It is possibl
e that for the upcoming game by the rules of the Western Saakashvili may even give the Nobel Prize, as the most peace-making policy in the history of modern Georgia — you have to somehow continue to look dim ordinary Georgian citizens, when the country was practically bursting at the seams.

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