Modular ships coming

A huge number of things about the main issues of development of this or any other industry, discusses the often privately. Yet, sometimes some members of these discussions after the meetings behind closed doors reveal Zahav lurking and say some detailed consideration of the matter. According disk imaging "News" on nedavneshnem meeting Russian fleet commanders and representatives of the shipbuilding industry prospects open a discussion of the current concept of the creation of the ships and the ability to go to modular principle of construction. According to the publication, the issue is almost resolved in favor of the modular system.

The head corvette project ("Guarding"). Navy day in St. Petersburg, July 25, 2010

In the near future in our defense industry there has been an active transition on the creation the latest technology by designing a single platform. While at the hearing only armored vehicles such class, but on a theoretical level, the modular design can be used to virtually even what kind of technology. In the case of warships modular structure will facilitate the upgrading and retooling. If need be to change an old launchers for rockets or radio-electronic equipment with new and modern. With today's approach to building ships such works require harsh interventions in the design of ships and, as a consequence, the re-takes a lot of time and effort. The modular architecture, in turn, allows the comparable small forces dismantle An old equipment and put new. According to the spokesman of the United Shipbuilding Company A. Kravchenko, his branch employees would most like to build the ships comfortable in terms of repair of power plant. Often the elimination of severe breakdowns power plant pulls a lot of complicated and long process, sometimes it comes to cutting into the sides of the ship technology windows enormous size. On the modular ship replacement engines and related equipment should be easier and more technological.

But still the main purpose of the start of the modular ships lies in the improvement of military capabilities. As an example, the only Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov". Status of this cruiser ship was due to the presence on board of 12 silos for anti-ship missiles "Granit". But the last 12-15 years, part of the missile weapons, "Kuznetsov" is not used. According to unconfirmed reports, the missile control station was damaged as a result of crew error. Since that time, often there are rumors of a speedy dismantling launchers as unnecessary, and the inability to recover. At the same time, the design of the ship can not make it fast and simple: it is necessary to put "Kuznetsov" in dry dock, disassemble part of the flight deck, etc. In the case of the modular architecture of the ship building, this problem at the theoretical level would dare to comparable conventional and high-spirited withdrawal warped assembly and installation at its new location. In addition, under certain circumstances, the mines for "Granite" would give way to a new launchers, "Onyx". However, this is only a theory, but in practice, the modular system will have the same advantages.

Second direction, pursued a modular structure, is in the convenience of updating avionics ship. It is necessary to see that building block of electronics will be far not the most common task. In addition to the required features of the equipment must be compatible with other systems. In other words, the modular structure of the electronics asked a special approach to the interfaces between the various nodes. Moreover, the corresponding potential should be laid in common information systems ship. So the creation of electronic equipment modular ships will be more difficult than the construction of housing with a suitable potential.

Since ships with a modular architecture are still not even in the design stage, there are the most daring ideas. Thus, designers USC in the current time considering the possibility of "projecting" the general concept on the hull of the ship. According to the existing idea, housing may consist of several large blocks, the number of which can be changed. As a consequence, it will be possible to change the size of the ship and its interior volume. At the same time, extendible body has a number of shortcomings, first specificity flow. Far no matter what form of housing in the ordinary extension with embedded unit will allow to preserve the existing driving characteristics, even in the amplification power of the power plant.

Is noteworthy that the modular structure of the ship is not something new for the Russian defense industry. The first such ideas emerged in the late 70s of the last century. Then it was assumed to begin research on the subject with a view to the creation of a family of vehicles for different purposes, on the main features similar to anti-submarine ships bolshennymi Project 1155 and 1155.1. However, the situation in the country has developed in such makarom that was supposed to begin development had not far to the very best of times. Ultimately modular vehicles were time forgotten. At the moment, taken the second attempt to equip the Russian Navy such equipment. According to the available disk imaging, the first Russian module ship will be built in the years 2018-20. Most likely, it will be representative of comparable small class — patrol, corvette or destroyer. It will be worked out features modular power plant, just a PR of weapons and equipment.

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