Repeated Sodom and Gomorrah




Solar Attack: radioactive tan is not threatened, but harder to breathe

Employees of the laboratory study of solar activity Hydromet report recorded their bright flash in the Sun, which is a fraction of a second spread over an area of several thousand square kilometers. A few seconds later a flash repeated. Scientists have identified this as a massive explosion, accompanied by the ejection of plasma heated to a temperature of several thousand degrees. Molten material will be during the week rushing around the solar system, turning to ash small celestial bodies. The limits of our planet it had achieved approximately July 19-21. According to head of the department of physics of the Sun State Astronomical Institute. Sternberg Boris Somov, from the heavenly fire, a disaster comparable to the legendary Sodom and Gomorrah, we will protect the Earth's magnetosphere, but the major magnetic storm can not be avoided. Headache, fatigue and malaise in weather-sensitive people — so far the only consequence of abnormal activity that takes shine.
But the most interesting thing is that this local, it would seem, solar flare activity, it seems, is a manifestation of a broader astrophysical processes. A team of European scientists in the course of monitoring the luminary came to a sensational conclusion: the Sun every year heats the Earth's atmosphere more intense, causing enhanced greenhouse effect and global climate change.
"Never in the last fifteen hundred years, the Sun does not behave as significant — the head of the laboratory observation of celestial objects Astronomical Observatory in Zurich Alfred Guner. — Analysis of the isotope beryllium-10 in ice samples in Greenland shows that solar radiation is increasing with a very large speed. every year thereafter becomes hotter and stifling the previous one: in fact, we are dealing not only with an increase in temperature on the surface of the Earth, but with the exclusion of oxygen from the upper atmosphere. " "The study of solar activity leads scientists to the conclusion no less bleak than Chukovskogo tale story about a crocodile who swallowed the sun — emphasizes Boris Somov. — So, Professor Sami Solanski of Germany in the course of studying the dark spots of the Sun found that its activity in the last year has almost doubled. native star becomes brighter, its emission is enhanced, making the background radiation and the earth's temperature rise. " How long and how far it will last increase in solar activity, the researchers predict not taken.


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