SCALP Naval cruise missile hit the target in the first full-scale test

Sea cruise rocket distant acts SCALP, made by MBDA, hit the target in the first full-scale test, which was conducted at the site Biscarrosse in the Bay of Biscay.

As said in the company MBDA, rocket was launched from the coastal launcher, imitating the frigate, and performed on the flight line of motion, simulating an attack target, and then hit the intended target. The test was conducted within the framework of the development of the rocket, which is to go into service of the French Navy in 2014.

According to the developers, all test objectives were achieved, an assessment of the systems on board the rocket at the end portion of the line of motion with self-guided and defined scenes working thermal imaging system.

Marine version of cruise missile developed in France and is part of a series avionics cruise missile component of general purpose SCALP EG, a member of the family of air-based cruise missiles, SCALP / Storm Shadow / Black Shaheen. In 2011, the rocket SCALP EG used for the destruction of the strong infrastructure component Libyan armed forces in the depth areas of the country. Rockets launched from the deck fighters "Rafale", were part of the wing aircraft carrier "Charles de Gaulle".

All rockets family SCALP / Storm Shadow / Black Shaheen have Broach warhead development company "BAE Systems", the guidance system on the profile of the terrain and thermal imaging seeker, made together by the British company "Marconi Electronics Systems" (Marconi Electronic Systems), which is now part of the company "BAE Systems" and the French "missaylz Thomson Electronics" (Thomson Missile Electronics), which is part of the company "Thales" (Thales), as the French TRI 60-30 turbojet engine of French Microturbo, and unobtrusive French glider design.

Sea version of the CD, the first underwater launch of which took place in June 2011, is implemented in the main to the development of French acquired by programs when submarine-launched anti-ship missile "Exocet" SM39, and a family of ballistic missiles M4/M45/M51, also launched from submarines boats.

Compared with a variant of early rocket SCALP EG, naval version SCALP Naval equip Microturbo modified engine and airframe has reworked the design, compatible with universal vertical launchers (UVLM) "Silver" (Sylver) and torpedo tubes.
The unitary warhead Broach penetrating type is replaced by the latest multi-purpose warhead, although the guidance system for maritime variant missiles remained the same. The largest range of KR exceed 1000 km.

The French Navy plans to purchase 200 marine CD SCALP, 150 of which will be deployed on construction of multi-purpose frigates FREMM type "Aquitaine", and 50 missiles will be located on the promising attack nuclear submarines "Barracuda" type "Syufren" (Suffren).

According to the latest disk imaging, sea option KR will go into service in 2014 on the second frigate FREMM "Normandy" (Normandie), which currently being built at a shipyard in Lorient company DCNS. SCALP missile will be launched from certain cells UVLM A70 "Silver", in what will be located up to 16 missiles of this type. Option SCALP missile for launch from submarines entered service dress "Syufren" in 2017.

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