Siberia experiences the second invasion of flying saucers

A long time since we have not heard about them. But in early June, several Tyumentsev stated that they had seen a UFO. If you believe a well-known satirist, the appearance of flying saucers directly related to the increase in the number of empty plates.

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— I was returning from a business trip — eyewitness Raisa Tarasova. — She went from the airport to your Roshino neighborhood about three o'clock in the morning. Out of the car in the yard of the house where the furniture store. Do not have time to get to her house, as his peripheral vision noticed something unusual — a source of bright light. I thought: I do not fire it? Stepped aside and saw in the opening between the big houses fiery disk. That drive, not the ball, because he looked flat. Diameter Hard to call: unable to determine at what distance the disc was. It hovered low enough, and he soon stretched rays. They were not transparent, as it were filled with milk, were cone. I literally froze. I stand and wonder what it is: a street lamp or a huge set last city services, or some unusual building, instigated during my absence? And then I saw that the drive began to rise. Vertically and very quickly. Before I close my mouth, as he was already very high. He looked like a twinkling star and then disappeared …

Another witness an unusual scene was able to find on a paid parking lot. The watchman Nikolai Petrovich said the following:

— I went out to the parking area somewhere in half two in the morning: my dog barked suspiciously. Well, I think the thieves. He took his gun — montazhku — and went through the ranks. No stranger noticed. Dog, bristling with strange, did not depart from me on a step. We both sat down almost as an aside, almost at the gates, it was as bright as day. The dog whined, tail between his legs. I looked up and saw directly above a huge bright yellow circle. Flashed through my mind: maybe a helicopter with searchlights? But the noise of propellers was heard. I was really scared too late. The unit silently sucked into a wide beam and slowly began to move away, then changed direction and disappeared. Man, I'm a believer, but he crossed …

Two days later, a call from the village Borovsky:

— My brother and I were returning from guests — said Alexander Fedorov. — There were, of course, drunk. On a deserted street, barely lit, suddenly became pale. Pulled up their drunken heads — and in the black sky UFO! Imagining things? So like not so drunk. Serege say, "Pinch me!" He pinched — and they are, devils, are not lost! And then the light went out. There was only a little orange asterisk. After a moment, and it is rapidly sped up.

Funny? Probably. But five years have passed since the Russian people lost interest in contacts with extraterrestrial intelligence. And then tell us again about the dish. Maybe too boring to live, we have become?

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