Space-differentiated bronekapsuly (ODB-capsule)

  The armor protection is performed by technology Space-differentiated bronekapsuly (ODB-Capsules) Using the know-how of PP TECHNOLOGY. Technology ODB-capsules The design bureau "Technique" and is used for 13 years.

  Testing and implementation know-how held by the base car VOLKSWAGEN, FORD, MERCEDES, PEUGEOT, FIAT, VOLVO, RENAULT, GM, LAND ROVER, as well as the Russian car manufacturers. The idea of the know-how to provide a welded bronekapsuly inside the body of the car, minimizing weight body armor (favorably with any other schemes of booking), to ensure the maximum protection of the crew, to ensure secrecy reservations preserving the external geometric and visual parameters of the basic vehicle and to ensure maximum safety the crew in the event of an accident.

  ODB capsule does not load the perimeter of the special automobile body parts, and "works", in the event of an accident, as a monolithic structure with a deformable membrane, and at regular special automobile traffic, the mass distribution of the transfer of the load on the frame of special automobile, minimizing the inertia moments about all axes, which has a favorable effect on the controllability special automobile.

  • ODB capsule, ODB capsule, space-differentiated bronekapsuly
  • ODB capsule, ODB capsule, space-differentiated bronekapsuly


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