Specialists have not found avian influenza in birds that flew in the JAR

Professionals in the course of veterinary monitoring is not found in the Jewish Autonomous Region (JAR) of avian influenza viruses in wild migratory birds, which are the spring and early summer have migrated to Russia from Asia, told RIA Novosti the governments in the region.

EAO passes through several active migration paths that wild birds come from China, Japan and South-East Asia to Russia. According Rosselkhoznadzor in EAO annual arrivals or stop to rest more than a hundred of thousands of migratory geese, ducks and other wild birds.

"Experts of the State Veterinary Service EAO selected and sent to St. Reference Center and the Maritime regional veterinary laboratory pathological material from dead and dead migratory wild birds. According to the results of research experts to exclude the presence of avian influenza in the Jewish Autonomous Region" — a spokesman said.

According to him, a special attention was paid to the investigation found the dead birds. The findings showed that the birds were killed by pesticides used for etching the grain.

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