The sensation of the net! Chinese newcomer Mr. Lee

Chinese alien, aliens, aliens, UFOs, UFO

Photos of the stranger found Lee, a resident of China, just blew up the internet. Lee claims that the alien crashed on its UFO

Proud Chinese man says he personally saw in March 2013, a few UFO flying in the night sky over the Yellow River, in the province of Bindzhou Shandong, and suddenly one of them began to lose altitude, went into a tailspin. Crashed spaceship crashed to the ground, concluding his pilot an alien trapped. It is in these ruins, and he found a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization.

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Lee pulled the stranger, and dragged him to his home. For better safety, he placed the body of a humanoid in the refrigerator. It is these photographs have spread in the network.

Pictures instantly just the same "blew up" online first in China, and just a few hours, and all over the world. On the forums there is a fierce debate on these images. Proponents of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence defend his point of view, that the creature now. Skeptics without conditionally much more. They believe that the body of an alien created from high quality rubber, and the author shots just did not have enough attention, or rather glory. The same opinion is shared by the Chinese police.

Chinese alien, aliens, aliens, UFOs, UFO

However, many believe that this sample — nothing like a real alien. But even if we accept this version, it is quite obvious: Why is man so long concealed the body representative of an extraterrestrial civilization?

Chinese alien, aliens, aliens, UFOs, UFO

I think that if Lee did not quack, they now get to the creation of this expertise to the art and can be at peace will be a formal confirmation that we are not the only civilization in the galaxy.

Although it's more like a rubber ;-)


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