The target for the Boreas will serve Dmitry Donskoy

The target for the "Boreas" will serve "Dmitry Donskoy"

According disk imaging provided by the newspaper "Izvestia", the underwater boat project "Typhoon" remains on the lists of the Navy for testing instruments operating submarines.

Underwater boat project "Typhoon" in real time is one of the largest in the world, write down the solution submarines appeared due to the lack of missiles for combat, because missiles R-39 modifications made to them were removed from combat duty in 2000 . Because the decision to rework the submarines in subglacial gas carriers and trucks were overturned, CEO "Sevmash" Andrew Diachkov suggested the use of some of them, in other words, "Dmitry Donskoy" as a live target for the new "Boreas".

In explaining this choice, Andrew Diachkov said: "Some of the tasks performed in the tests, it is impossible to change the layouts. "Dmitry Don"Will aim to test the sonar, the whole complex of weapons. At this point, for "boat on the boat "used military boats from the Northern Fleet."

The General Staff of the Navy commented on the statement "News" that it is very expensive project and requests an informed decision.

The representative of the naval staff expressed his outlook: "The cost of maintenance Underwater boat "Typhoon" in a floating state (not just sank and did not explode) costs "treasury" of about 300 million rubles a year. With all of this, "Dmitry Donskoy", being the only one of all on the go, eating up a huge part of the amount. The remaining two boats already in the past 10 years awaiting his own disposal. Boat no rockets — just a pan, if the "Sevmash" has the desire to do something with them, and be their razlyubezny and maintain. "

"Sevmash" meets the fact that the content of "Dmitry Donskoy" is the responsibility of the Navy, because it is their property. Representative of the plant, said: "We do not even have a simple criterion for parking submarines, there is no infrastructure, applicable quay wall, the supply of electricity, steam, waste, etc. output. When ordering a fleet of these, of course, will be met, but, of course, for the money. Such proposals now been received. "

"News" also asked this question to other members of the "Sevmash": "This decision came as a result of frustration. We are 20 years old it was built, upgraded and now we are asked to wield it for scrap. About the re-launching missiles R-39 question, of course, not talking, but you can just work off of other types of submarines! Even being the new complex acoustics — "Irtysh-Amphora-B", consisting in service "Boreas" is just a modification of only modernezirovannoy digital complex "Skat-3", which was used to "Dmitry Donskoy". Especially "Don"Is a great loss for the bridgehead of professionals sonar" Dolgoruky ". Better than they are only the "Borei", but in this case it is necessary to divert them from their own tests. "

As suggested earlier, "Typhoon" was to serve as an underwater truck, delivering a different product to the northern ports during the year. In calculating the method of delivery was not profitable and he decided to abandon. In the end, all three boats of this project, including the "Severstal" and "Arkhangelsk", with the mine, converted under the "Bulava", decided to dispose of.

Crew numbers TK-208, which is "Don, "First in 2012 will be reduced from 160 to 70 members. Dispose of it will be waiting in Severodvinsk, with a number of standing "Archangel".

The new missile "Bulava" was modernized by "Dmitry Donskoy" in the 2000s. In one of its mines, made by a rocket-type P-39 was inserted into the starting glass of a new type of "Bulava". However, out of 14 launches were successful only 6, the last of them was released on 20 October 2010 the ninth.

In the book of Guinness World Records listed nuclear-powered missile cruiser strategic focus, the most grievous of the existing, 941 belonging to the project (code "Shark" to systematize NATO — "Typhoon"). Lightweight metal body has two horizontally placed inside the body diameter at 7.2 m, each of which is divided into 8 sections. Between them there are three Durable modules: the central post, stern and bow, with a torpedo in the amount of 6 pieces, 533 mm.

With this complete set, "Typhoon" up to six months may be located at a depth of 400 m, moving at a speed of 27 knots (50 km / h). Only 6 submarines such type was released in 1976. By following the agreement of the Russian-American applets "cooperative threat reduction", three of them have already disposed of.

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