Who suffer the most from lack of food?

Who suffer the most from lack of food?Which countries will suffer most from overpopulation and lack of food?

To feed humans, by 2050 the world must be made by 70 per cent more food than it is now. This is the conclusion the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN report "Status of land and water resources and food production."

Document first assesses the state of agricultural land fund of the planet. Disappointing findings: about a quarter of the arable land is strongly depleted. To avoid starvation in the foreseeable future, it is necessary to take urgent measures.

Meanwhile, UN experts predict that by the end of the XXI century, the Earth's population will more than double to 15 billion people. These figures have caused concern as previously forecast a figure of world experts 10 billion.

According to the director of the Institute of Population Studies, Sociology candidate Igor Beloborodov land can accommodate the population of 200 thousand times greater than it is now live on the planet. If it took place all of humanity in one area, it would be enough just Australia. The entire population of the U.S. can be located on the territory of one state, for example, Arizona.

A report published by the UN Population Division, provides forecasts and toward Russia. The experts found that by 2050 the population of our country should be reduced from 140 to 108 million people.

As the director of the Institute for Demographic Studies, PhD in Sociology Igor Beloborodov "Voice of Russia", strips of 15 billion humanity reaches ever.

— 15 billion people — is an impossible figure. They never will be. I think that the seventh billion, of which we have achieved in the recent past, will be the last. Well, if you reach eight billion — is the maximum of what can be anticipated.

In any case, even if it was 15 or 20 billion, for the earth, its resources and capabilities is — a drop in the ocean. Who is fit to say that the Earth catastrophically nedonaselena. Hunger and lack of local resources — it is just a problem of maldistribution. After all, most of all cry about overpopulation some very developed country. But they are the biggest consumers and energy, and food, and resources. In my opinion, someone just need to reduce its insatiable consumption.

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