Why can not I remove the adenoids

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Why can not I remove the adenoids

For most of us dart nose has long been synonymous with a full childhood. Every parent knows how difficult it is to protect your baby from the sodden feet, drafts, colds — it is easier to buy a drop "for all occasions", which will help cure a cold in seven days. We also know that, if left untreated, it will be held this week … no joke. Unfair joke. After all, if time does not keep track of it, one can run into another "childhood illness", which treatment (other than operational), modern medicine does not know — adenoids.

Tortured, tired baby, breathing heavily and mouth, tortured and tired parents assigned to unopposed. "Delete, — recommended by doctors to parents — there is no alternative."

But there is always a way out. What is it?

On how to cure adenoids and avoid unnecessary surgery says the chief doctor Buteyko ClinicAndrey Novozhylov.

The reasons that children grow adenoids, medicine is not fully known. They represent the formation of lymphoid tissue that forms the basis of nasopharyngeal tonsils. The most commonly used approach to removing the adenoids — an operation which is a tremendous trauma for the child. Memories of her he carries through his entire life.

Physiologist Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko in the 60-ies of the last century, through complex research and many experiments on the hyperventilation syndrome in patients noticed that the child's adenoids emerge as one of the first in his life, serious defense reactions towards eliminating chronic hyperventilation. In fact, the appearance of the adenoids is the body's attempt to block part of the airway, and the activity of adenoid growths subject content of carbon dioxide in the air of the lungs. If the carbon dioxide content decreases, decreasing the oxygen supply of the organism as a whole. There comes a lack of oxygen. This is fraught with the development of various diseases. The immune system begins to help the body starts to protect the child. In children, growth of lymphoid tissue begins to appear adenoids.

Adenoids — this is the response of the organism to hyperventilation. Parents need to be aware of what is hyperventilation and clearly understand — what a negative impact onorganism it provides.

Determine the cause of hyperventilation in a particular case is not possible. The reason can be everything: family history, and family situation, and nervous breakdowns, and other factors. Often, parents are sown around the situation hyperventilation: they have such a way of life, the way of communication, the nature of power, that they are constantly increasing pulmonary ventilation.

The oxygen in the body does not depend on how much air passes through the lungs, and on how much carbon dioxide is in an organism. If CO2 deficiency occurs in the body due to hyperventilation, the body can not use the oxygen, which is blood. It turns out the situation is when the blood is saturated with oxygen to the limit, and the body suffers from oxygen starvation. This effect is wrong from the point of view of a simple narrow-minded perception — t is, "I just breathe deeply, then I get more oxygen" — but in fact it's exactly the opposite, called the effect Verigo Bora.

The global objective of any manipulations that our doctors perform breathing Buteyko Method, is reduced to one — to align the overall pulmonary ventilation and metabolic activity. This ensures high immunity and survival of the organism. Since the state of the metabolism is largely dependent on the CO2 content in the body, most of the defense responses directed specifically to maintain the CO2 in the normal range.

Adenoidectomy danger is that we eliminate the protective response. Having lost her, he begins to defend himself in some other way — there are more and more new diseases, such as constant runny nose, swelling of the mucous membrane, bronchial edema. If none of these options did not work, it starts dysfunction of metabolism, weakened immunity. There is an allergy, as an incorrect response of the immune system. The operational method eliminates the consequence, not the cause. On the contrary, it increases hyperventilation on this particular phase, and this can lead to early development of asthma in children. Leads to a weakening of the immune system that the child falls into the category of sickly children.

Whatever the adenoid growths, a child is always a swelling of the mucous membranes. It does not allow the child to breathe normally. The use of the Buteyko method allows in the ongoing course of treatment for 1-2 Occupation eliminate swelling and to give a child the ability to breathe through the nose. In this case, the expansion will not interfere with him — his nose began to breathe, and ongoing studies with the doctor continued to stabilize child's immune system. The need for surgery is removed immediately. In the future, if you follow all the doctor's advice and do, normal ventilation, metabolism — and adenoids are returned to normal. Child stops snotty, often ill, it is unaffected by allergic diseases.

Method Buteyko — treatment and education program, which is in the process of passing the doctor explains to his patients and their parents: how, why and what is happening in their body, but also tells in detail what is the basis method Buteyko.

For the first time in the practice of medicine has a real chance without surgery and without drugs completely cure adenoids. Furthermore, Buteyko Method — Is so strong prevention that if start treatment at a time when there is swelling of the nasal mucosa and adenoids are just beginning to take shape, their development stops.

To speak of relapses in our case is not necessary. They can only repeat offenders ventilation. For example, if the child is returned home after school, where he again enters the environment where giperventilyanty — other family members. From this situation has two options: either to eliminate the factors that ensure the maintenance of hyperventilation or permanently work for the removal of symptoms. In any case, we give our patients an effective practical solution to the problem. After outpatient treatment operation the little patient is not threatened.

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