100th anniversary of Larissa Heniyush: which win?


Michas Scoble: "Gentlemen, the whole August by Radio Liberty was marked by Larissa Heniyush. And that's what I said, our society is more interested in the circumstances of her biography — the Gulag, the rejection of her Soviet citizenship, the relationship with the government. Behind all this was not seen Heniyush-poetess. What do you think, does not prevent us from truly heroic biography Heniyush to comprehend it as a poet? "

Joseph Yanushkevich: "If we take man as the creator, in this case, Larissa Heniyush, it should be easy to know. If, before the century is such an outstanding personality Collected Works edition of 400 copies … Believe me, in Belarus, hundreds of thousands of people who want to get acquainted with her work. I I want to say that awareness of Larissa Heniyush as a poet — in the future. If tezisno say about creativity and personality Larissa Heniyush, it has survived when many who did not survive. has survived and wrote her the truth. A biography of the creator always attracts readers. Either that Vladimir Karatkevich, or Jack London, and Joseph Ignatius Kraszewski. And so there is nothing surprising in the case of Heniyush. literature as I know for myself that, in addition to comprehension creativity Dunin-Marcinkiewicz, I always tsikavilava where it was 600 days at the time of the 1863 uprising year? Or where was Frantisek Bogushevich 25 years after the uprising of the same Kalinouski? "

Scoble: "Sir Alex, you many years of teaching literature at the Belarusian State University of Grodno. What is for you the significance of the poet Larissa Heniyush?"

Alexei Piatkevich:
The significance of the poet Larissa Heniyush primarily in its special national samaahvyarnastsi, capable of great dedication for Belarus. This feeling, or, more precisely, the position and gave birth to her as a poet. She was able to talk about their everyday poetic language, that person most dear. Heniyush as a great poet served primarily Belarus. This is its significance in the idea of her work, which is, in fact, was the idea of her life. Well, of course, she BELORUSSKOE organic, she talenavitastsi, in full, fulfilling liryzme poetic. "

"I remember back in the early 90s was first published" Confessions. "Well, I have those numbers," youth ", carefully intertwined, borrowed a few people. And they come to me and did not return."

Scoble: "Ms. Valentine in the documentary film" Invictus, "which recently was shown at the channel" Belsat ", you said that at the time the only exit Heniyush abroad — in Poland in 1967 — took her there as Secretary of BNR. In what ways and generally perceived as Larissa Heniyush Belarusian emigration? "

Valentine Trigubovich: "In one of the newspapers in the review of immigration life of Belarusians Bialystok in the July-August 1967 mentions that the Belarusian socio-cultural society has organized three literary evenings. And the first named party in honor of the poet with the Byelorussian SSR Larissa Heniyush. So there it publicly took first as a poet. And it is also a distant exile perceived and interpreted as a poet — a wonderful, beautiful, patriotic … With all the other epithets, but as a poet. And to commemorate its 60th anniversary, there were several publications in the emigre press. example, Stanislaw Stankiewicz wrote: "Larissa Heniyush bright vyroznivaetstsa flipping indestructible spirit and lyrical depth of talent. The value of her poetry primarily in its ideological napovnenastsi,

Bakunovich brothers, Alexander and Mitro, who lived in Australia, his daughters called Larissa. And Larissa Antonovna called them "my living pomnichki"

National Cagliari and deep Belarusian patryyatyzme. "And the others too in the first place paying attention to it poetry. And about her social life, its social significance in the emigre press almost no mention. I conclude that it is to us today in the first place It seems our teacher, our intercessor, misiyanerkay Belarusian. And in exile she thought the best poet. Her poems were published there all the time, sometimes without a signature — they were afraid to hurt her. And when was the news that she was abducted from the Czech Republic, and it is not known where perished on Soviet expanse, people even sacrificially-behaved. example, Bakunovich brothers, Alexander and Mitro, who lived in Australia, his daughters called Larissa. And Larissa Antonovna called them "my living pomnichki" and always asked that sent her pictures of these girls. Many had corresponded with her, these letters have been collected and studied. I think we will have a chance to talk about Larissa Heniyush in a broad global context. After all, she created her Belarusian circle, and the circle supported her spiritually and financially, and gave her some way protected from the local repression. Agree, a well-known person in the world more difficult to stifle. Some of the emigrants who were familiar with Larissa Antonovna, have written their memoirs, given their letters to the Belarusian archives. Unfortunately, not all could be used in those books that have come out. I hope that will be soon published and memories Lely Kosovo, and the memories of Boris Danyluk, and letters Heniyush Bakunovich to Larissa, which she donated to Belarusian archives … Larissa Heniyush — this is our common treasure, and we will study, store and pass on to their children. "

Scoble: "You may recall recent events. July 27 Vaukavysk authorities disrupted a commemorative plaque at the house of Larissa Heniyush who moved to Kiev from Zhlobovtsy. August 4 of the same authorities did Zelvenskiy, they're closed on August 7 for the participants celebrate the local House of Culture. At the same time, state newspaper "Zvyazda" and "Literature and Art" printed materials about the positive Heniyush. Why is this ambivalence? "

Yanushkevich: "The attitude is really ambiguous. It seems that the current government wants its deference to Larissa Heniyush remained in official papers. These articles can be read in ten and twenty years. And when the government prohibits any celebration, here is valid unless the law of self-preservation. And we can not remain silent. You need to collect and name for posterity the names of all those who are prohibited. "

Scoble: "You, Joseph, participated in the Cleanup in Zhlobovtsy. Talakovtsam helped the chairman of the local village council.'s Seemingly an example for local authorities …"

"I understand that the chairman, as to equip the land on which you live, do not sin? And I was shocked to Zhlobovtsy there the relationship of social forces to the identity of Larissa Heniyush. Zelva C, Vawkavysk, Slonim, Grodno arrived caring people. According to the car I realized that most of them — the private traders. Again I see cause for optimism. If in support of our national culture, individual entrepreneurs will come, then the state of this will be easier, it will go into his notorious 3% percent for the culture, and our culture will develop. Suppose first at the regional level. "

Scoble: "From some of the people I have heard that the quiet celebration of the 100th anniversary of Larissa Heniyush together with state institutions" prevented "Nyaklyayeu who came in Zelva and Volkovisk.
As for my opinion, he did not stop and help. Indeed, in two volumes Heniyush and Almanac "Personality and Time" came to light thanks to its support. Nevertheless, the voices sounded skeptical. "

Piatkevich: "They were made primarily because Nekljaev already distinguished himself as a politician. But for us, for those who have participated in this festival, he remained Belarusian poet, not a politician. So there are different positions in the perception Neklyaeva. As for commemorative plaques then, I want to stress this, they just are not legally have been prepared for mounting on walls. Here lacked legal reasonableness of the action. "

Scoble: "The other day I was on the phone with Zelvenskiy police department and the police officer by the name of Antonovich, who dealt with the case, said that the actions of the people who installed the board on the house Heniyush, no offense."

"But the board that was supposed to go through an approval in the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee, the relevant committee of the memorial."

"It's all inconsistency authorities: they forbid, there are allowed. Everything depends on whether one of the rulers take responsibility, do not take it. And with the boards as well. No further legal procedures for these boards should not have."

In Zelva board was also installed in a private home, and for that no power is required permissions

Yanushkevich: "There is a place Zelva and have my home village of Rakov, which is a little too memarylizuetstsa. I was a member Rakowski readings when installed plaque in honor of Eliza Ozheshko in Rakov. As far as I know, in Zelva board was also installed in a private home, and for that no power is required permissions. "

"But I want to go back to my first question. Piatkevich Alex said that perhaps Nekljaev business prevented the celebration. I remember five years ago has not been any political campaign, we wanted to present the book in Zelva Larissa Heniyush" Just so you know, "and we also then banned, not allowed in the room. And the presentation was held in the rain at the monument. This is not an obstacle Nekljaev here. "

"Of course. It's just a stupid position Zelvenskiy authorities. I know the position of Grodno Regional Executive Committee, Department of ideology, which in this case looked normal eyes. And then suddenly not allowed in the city Cultural … It's just a certain insurance by the local authorities, who did not want to take responsibility and only. "

Scoble: "Another very important topic — Heniyush and church. Around Zelva church is a monument to poet, in the church — a memorial plaque. And this year Zelvenskiy priest Father George Subotkovsky opened in a small church muzeychyk where dedicated Heniyush exposure. Why Orthodox Church, which trying not to clash with the authorities, in the case of Heniyush throws her a call? "

Trigubovich: "I do not think the church defies the power, it just guards its interests. As you know, during the Soviet era, the church

The current position of the Orthodox Church — to support all those who stand in defense of orthodoxy in those difficult times for the Church.

was persecuted, and the current position of the Orthodox Church — to support all those who stand in defense of orthodoxy in those difficult times for the Church. And Larissa Antonovna did a lot for the church. Not only is she a famous person who openly professed Orthodoxy and went to church, but she has always supported the church and financially. One of the episodes will tell. By Easter church community decided to update the cover of the ancient Gospel, which is Zelva church. Joseph Naydyuk of the United States of America sent for this velvet. Folk artists Zelvenskiy made covers. It was donated by Larissa Antonovna consciously, and it was done very nicely. "

Scoble: "I just clarify that this Gospel today has taken its rightful place in the church muzeychyku."

"Larissa Antonovna nursed Zelvenskiy priest Father Basil Chykidam. He even lived for a while in her house, and she took care of him when he was sick, broke his leg, as my mother at that time was not in Zelva. And it's all seen the people around them. This strengthened their sympathy, respect and love for Larissa Antonovich, this too should not be forgotten. When I was in 1994 in the United States, somehow in a conversation with the Stars was in full swing, we broached the subject of a Christian martyr Larissa Heniyush. And even there small publication in a local newspaper that, maybe you need some way to canonize her. We do not know how this should be done in the church, but the idea sounded so. After that publication, I went to the Metropolitan Filaret of an audience was a lot of talk on this issue. I was at this meeting is not alone, there were historians. And since that time, I think, the name of Larissa Heniyush got into a zone close attention to the church.

It should also be recalled that this year a petition to the authorities of Belarus on the rehabilitation of Larissa Heniyush signed by Metropolitan Filaret

First there was the church historian order to deal with her biography and gather historical evidence. And now we see that the church her as his heroine recognized. It can not be canonized as a martyr, I was told because she was suffering not only for Christians but also for his poetic and social activities, but as a confessor in time, perhaps, the Church recognizes her. It should also be recalled that this year a petition to the authorities of Belarus on the rehabilitation of Larissa Heniyush signed by Metropolitan Filaret. Unfortunately, the answer came back negative. "

"However, this is a very significant fact. And another significant fact I want to mention. Residents of the street in the Soviet Zelva want to live on the street named Larissa Heniyush. 173 people have put their signatures for it. What do you think, can appear in Zelva street Heniyush? '

Piatkevich: "I believe that these votes are for giving the street name Larissa Heniyush is entitled to and give full reasons in order to rename the street. This is just ridiculous that such a large figure has not yet been noted in Zelva street."

Scoble: "But if this is possible in today's environment?"

"I think not. Given such relations of the local authorities, who are constantly worried and afraid of something, it is hardly realistic. And this despite the fact that the church really has consistently supported Heniyush."

Trigubovich: "Michael, you're in the preface to the two volumes Heniyush wrote that the attitude of the authorities to Larissa Heniyush is a litmus test to determine the nature of power. Once we see that the street was named after a Zelva Larissa Heniyush, we understand — we Belarusian authorities."

"And I think that this can happen at the next meeting of the Executive Committee Zelvenski, legally — by the will of the people who live on the street Sovetskaya. 173 signatures for the village Zelva — a lot. Zelva Respect for it and am proud of them."


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