Belarusian spelling changes, challenges remain

On September 1, comes into effect the "Law on the rules of Belarusian spelling and punctuation." New edition of the rules of the Belarusian language was prepared nearly 20 years, and the law was 2 years ago. Officials promise that from this language will benefit. Experts, linguists pay attention to the problem and expressed doubt regarding the timeliness of the law and its usefulness to the language.

Prior to the changes in spelling had time to prepare: released dictionaries, reference books, textbooks, hundreds of teachers and trainers were trained. Newspapers and magazines have to go to the new spelling in September, but the pupils and students a little regret. Adviser to the Minister of Education, Professor Viktor Ivchenko explains:

Laid moratorium not only on the use of CT for these changes, but even in the school experience for student practice.

"Envisaged here are the moments that centralized testing issues where changes have been made, will not be included. Announced the plan, a three-year transition period from September 2010 to August 2013. Thus moratorium not only on the use of CT for these changes, but even on the school experience for student practice. When dictation make a mistake it for a rule that has been changed, it will not be taken into account. This graduating classes concerned and creative works at admission, for example, in journalism. "

In a new way to write, for example, the "leader", "computer", the executive committee (previously on narkomovke wrote "leader", "computer", "executive committee." A lot of changes for the borrowed words. Regulated by writing the names of government, businesses, institutions, as well as posts, titles, titles. For example, God, the Lord, the President now to write with a capital letter. But there is no change in the system, I am convinced linguist Dmitry Savko:

Dmitry Savko

"The essence of giving controversial. There are good points but more negative. Combination of these proposals actually could be called accidentally pulled out of the stacks of proposals early 1990s. There are, relatively speaking, 500 sentences, and someone at random, accidentally pulls out 20 — the best, worst, meaningful, just pointless and even harmful. You can see in the writing of "Tokyo" — through "a", but at the same time, "Serhie" — through "e." This document is eclectic: the mass discrepancy, the mass of contradictions.

The combination of these proposals could in fact be called a coincidence extended stacks of proposals early 1990s.

Mr White-headed Duck has led dozens of examples of dictionaries, which are published in the This year, already seems to be on the new spelling rules that have discrepancies, contradictions with these new rules.

But according to the adviser to the Minister of Education Victor Ivchenkova, Belarusian spelling simpler:

"Writing it closer to the phonetics, to phonetic laws. Example, the law" Akane. "End" el "and" er "go to" al "and" ar "- the law" Akane. "Liquidated old exception, which concerned non-Slavic words Tokyo, Waterloo, Medea — zapraz will write Tokyo, Waterloo, Medea. raised many questions exclusion of "a." But when we write "a lesson" and "University", by the phonetic positions are the same situation, even though the word borrowed. This eliminated. Therefore, it will be easier spelling. "

Spelling — this is the point of stability, the time of the full conservation. Then you only have to change the spelling while another is impossible, if it actually prevents communication.

According to linguist Dmitry scoops, this is no time at all to make changes:

"You read the preface to the law! There is clear and well-written:" Time is changing and constantly has to change spelling "It should not be. Spelling — it's just a moment of stability, the time of the full conservation. Then only need to change the spelling, as otherwise it is impossible when it actually interferes with communication. And there in the preface to the level of philosophy laid, we will change the rules almost every year! pier, new processes in the language go, we will represent them in the language, it will not spell, it's a lottery , this multiplication of entropy, it is chaos. "

According to many experts, in a country where no one is completely Belarusian-language TV channel or radio station, where there is no national university with teaching exclusively in their native language, according to officials publicly speak Belarusian, and language policy aimed at narrowing the use of whiteRussian language in the public space, these problems are not solved pravopisnyh reforms.



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