China: The heavy rains and flooding in the provinces of Sichuan and Chengdu

Downpour 02. 07.2011 caused flooding throughout the city. Pedestrians, cyclists and cars were in the water level in some places up to 1 meter, reports

Rain affected all modes of transport, from drivers all over the city were in massive traffic jams, some metro station flooded, 7,000 vehicles caught by a landslide in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province, more than 5,000 passengers landed at the airport because of Shuangliu stop train between Kunming and Chengdu.

Power outages are registered across the city, some areas will continue until the next day.


Many trees have fallen, the walls collapsed from landslides, overflowing sewage and paving tiles cracked.

Rainfall of about 50 mm, in some areas up to 200 mm. Registered more than 5,000 lightning.

Some have found an alternative to condom use to help keep shoes dry.

Other cities in Sichuan, including Dujiangyan and Wenchuan also hit by floods and landslides.

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