Dwarf planet

Dwarf planets are quite interesting objects in our solar system. In order to be called a planet, they are too small, but for the name of the asteroid is too big. It is this property and makes an interesting object of dwarf planets.

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For the first time this type of planet was opened January 1, 1801. On this night, a scholar of Italian Giuseppe Piazzi in his telescope saw a new object in our galaxy. While scientists have decided that this is a new planet and gave it the name in honor of the goddess of agriculture — Ceres. But soon after its discovery, Piazzi fell ill, and the newly found planet was only a year: January 1, 1802.

In the same year, close to this planet was discovered another. And the scientists had to wonder why there are so many small planets so close to each other. From this question, the scientist Heinrich Olbers hypothesized catastrophe that of a large planet, after the disaster that's formed several such small planets.

In 1930 he opened another dwarf planet — Pluto. Until 2006, he was considered a planet, but after the astronomer Michael Brown discovered Eris, scientists began to doubt that Pluto is a planet. Eris and Pluto are located in the Kuiper belt, which lies beyond the orbit of Pluto and consists of blocks of ice.

Also in 2006, the International Astronomical Union has recognized the five dwarf planets. This Ceres, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, Eris. But this is not the end, because in our solar system of planets that have not been opened a large quantity.

The size of Pluto and Eris are very similar, and make up about two-thirds the size of the moon. But Chimera — is an oval object, not spherical, as we used to think. So, what's dwarf planet is very interesting objects that are still remain a mystery to us.

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