Heroes Melezha settled in Khoiniki

To the Day of Belarusian Written Language, which this year is being held in Khoiniki in a renovated city park established sculptural on the novel by Ivan Melezha "People in the swamp." Its author — Gomel sculptor Valery Kondratenko. The four stylized bumps — four figures: a young poleshuk with pipes, poleshuchka with a branch in his hand, a woman and a teenage boy who is sitting on a log. It was signed: "People in the swamp." Ivan Melezh. "

The local residents silyatstsa remember melezhavskih characters.

Mr."This is — Evhim Dyatlik and Anna Nigella. Remember remember, but I do them together did not add up, did not shift, not collated. Just as read. " Woman: "Anna, Basil, Simon the music or whatever it is, I do not know."

Mr. Dmitry at the monument gave his version of why, despite the great love, Basil and Anna Dyatlik Nigella did not know the total happy life:

"Anna — she wanted the rich themselves, and Basil came to the prison because of the rich, because who has the money, he is right."

Residents Khoyniki happy that till the Day of writing restored in the park, an old manor house, where in a hurry to create a museum that cleaned the streets and even had a fountain.

As for writing, where there is little sign on the white meetRussian language. Even the name of the monument to Chernobyl buried villages — in Russian.

Why did not appreciate Khoyniki in the language of their ancestors, who so admired the famous countryman Ivan Melezh and that people know the swamp whole world?

The views of the local residents sPodarite Ivan:

"In Ukraine, all officials — on the TV show — speak their native language. And we all speak Russian. I do not know what is going on. Just had when we were in high school — and I'm talking about myself — pay attention to the Belarusian language. It can, and has grown to be all the Belarusian side. "

Are prepared for the Day of writing in his native village of Ivan Melezha — Glinische. Now here Agrotown, new houses at the entrance. The house-museum of the writer, built in the 80s, was already as if in the middle of the village, and his home — in the suburbs.

We are trying to pytatatstsa in the present inhabitants of the agricultural town famous countryman, but they make excuses. Advised to seek indigenous glinischantsev.

This phenomenon is explained Lida Kudritskaya:

"Many people — immigrants who came from other areas, countries. Settled here and the young. If anyone read the book by Ivan Pavlovich Melezha, then he will never forget. It will be remembered and books, and of Ivan Pavlovich. I know that from our little glinishchukov have those that have not read his books. And though not read it, knew Ivan Pavlovich Melezha in the face, because he was coming here. He — not that famous for our village and our entire Belarus. "

The exhibition in the museum district

Renovated city park

The post-war house in Melezha Glinische

Director of the museum Melezha Sofia Lipnitskaya and Lydia Kudritskaya

"Kuranevskaya house"

The restored mansion of the early twentieth century.

The house-museum of Ivan Melezha in Glinische


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