In the shop — the last time

In circumstances where it is difficult to convert the ruble, which lost in the daily cost of a few percent, the people rushed to invest in food, consumer products and building materials. Everyone understands that the following supplies are much more expensive, while wages gradually turn to dust.
In the Belarusian shops — high demand for everything that has a shelf life of at least more than a month. Buyers put away before frozen fish and canned goods — sprats, canned meat, peas …
For example, visitors to the network of shops "Vitalur" indicate that the shelves are almost empty, and what will be the price of the new delivery is not taken even say traders. The full suitcases and trunk of car buyers go to the store "Evroopt." Overstock including salt, sugar, pasta, still relatively cheap fruit and vegetables.
Many do not hide that they were going to shop for the last time. Very bad things in elderly people whose pensions are just a week decreased to an average of $ 100 and continue to depreciate.
Said pensioner, Mrs. Larisa: "In your own skin feel: our children work for pennies for a penny, but a handful of people live with our prices, they build luxury homes and apartments. Did they mock us? Yes, I have a pension of $ 50 will be soon how it all goes wrong, it's okay? Our president is an entertainment program to organize, he builds these endless and unnecessary ice rinks. For whom? If people are suffering so much … I want to say: apomnitsesya you out there in the government, You live alone , and let us live! "
The Economic Observer Constantine Skuratovich sees no reason for the situation to normal. Day after day, money devalued and even attempts to put them into some kind of goods will not be infinitely successful — each new batch of goods will go up. Therefore, in his opinion, the current excitement with trying to stock up for a lifetime is not proved nothing:
"Soon these stocks, especially in the summer, zavedutsya different worms, and

Brains do not have leadership, politics is not normal

people it's simply pavykidvayuts. Therefore, there is no sense is not without vratuessya so for life, even with a strong desire not accumulated. But what can I say? Mockery, mockery. Brains do not have leadership, politics is not normal, however, it was not. And now all come complete idiocy. Do not know how to manage the situation ever, and now absolutely no clue about what's going on. This happens not for the first time, but before there was any hope — that is, out of some help to do something, cleansed of dirt and will grow new grass. And now, there is no such hope. And, no one — neither the government nor the people nor the political opposition there is no hope. This is my personal feeling, but I believe that many also think like me. "
Now authorities say the country is sure to "get up off its knees" because of loans that will flow to Belarus from a variety of anti-crisis funds. However, according to experts, this aid is too small to hope for an early exit from a difficult situation.
Doctor of Economics, Professor Vladimir Kulazhenko recalls that a few years Belarus has received a lot of credit utilization which can be called into serious doubt. And, as he says, there is no guarantee that the new will not be too'll pass:
"I want to say that those loans that we have received in recent years from different angles, they are almost fully passed, as

in This year, there was a collapse. Incidentally, it is logical

said on decumulation. First of all, in order to uphold the spirit of the people. This was done in order to really grow up pensions, wages grew. Although they fell behind, for example, from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other countries — by the way, and Russia, too — but in fact they have grown a bit. And to a certain extent somehow comforting our people. While on the other hand, deprived of vigilance — all kind of relaxed, hoping that actually earned money will dig further. But this year, there was a collapse. By the way, it is quite logical. "
On the eve of the presidential elections, the authorities promised to Belarusians $ 500 average salary. However, in the current situation of such income can only dream of.


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