In war there is no dark and pure white

At the end of last year in the army, carrying out tasks in Chechnya, there was a change: disbanded Vedeno and Nozhai-Yurt operational battalions completed their existence military commanders. But the gang left, and to deal with them deployed battalion and company tactical group of the regiments of internal troops of Gudermes and Urus-Martan.

During the trip happened to be in effect at all outposts scattered in the Argun and Vedeno gorges. One of them remembered in particular. The point is not as fitted gates — you have to rely only on their own hands. Struck another: here, in the Vedeno district, in the middle of forests and mountains, where the hard-working phone where the Web and sometimes no electricity, where life and service are endless string of departures to perform combat tasks and languid physical work on the improvement of its own field of life, military personnel are not forgotten how to appreciate beautiful. On the bedside table are collections of poems Akhmatova and Esenina, carefully stored in a safe notebook with his poems, and in the hours of afternoon rest of the tents hear the sounds of Beethoven's piano sonatas, symphonies of Tchaikovsky and Chopin waltzes …

Neuzh is still found now are people in public, despite the difficulties, have the strength to save the officer's true nobility and spiritual beauty? In this hard to believe, but indeed they are.

In war there is no black and whiteThe commander of the battalion task force, Major Victor C.:

On the service in the Caucasus.

At the end of the Combined Arms Academy I asked myself the Caucasus. Prior to that, he served in the Interior Troops in Moscow. There was a platoon, company, battalion deputy commander. I wanted to change the situation, to gain experience in dealing with entities that are absolutely staffed by contract, to test their strength in a hot region — not in vain, as I was taught in the academy.

When I came to Chechnya, he saw that almost all of what I had heard before, in fact looks a little different. Not everyone here is so relaxed as it sounds. Here like there is no war, and at the same time it is. It's not always clear who is your friend and who is an enemy. There is no dark and pure white. Every time you make a decision, you need to include not only the brain, and flair, intuition. This is curious.

Principally to look for common ground with the locals, try to assess the situation from their point of view in order to be aware of the current state of things. Everyone has their own truth. One said: "Russian, go away! Do not interfere with us live! "Others on the contrary:" If you leave, there will lawlessness, as it was in the 90s. " I also have a truth: I gave the oath and do not intend to turn off the chosen path.

At the same time, we would have a lot to learn. In remote villages of the mountain people live very closely together. Help not only to relatives, and neighbors. This is a very strong bond and a very powerful force. We, especially in Moscow and other large cities, it has long been lost. People do not know who lives in the adjoining apartment, and talking on a web of social networks. Here, more conservative, loyalty to tradition and prosaic wisdom, for sure, too, more.
If we talk about the service, it is associated first with certain inconveniences. Zastava get lost in the middle of the hills and cut off from civilization. In particular, it was hard in the winter, when the battalion task force formed, and life do not really have time. At the moment, nearly all manufactured: fortified observation posts, repaired barracks, built a dining room. This is now our home, in what should be a comfortable, safe and harmless to special order.

In war there is no black and whiteOn the home.
Considered to be the birthplace of place of birth. I was born in Tashkent, where at that time my father served. But Uzbekistan's own home I do not think so. As an offshoot of the military, I have lived in various parts of Russia. It's hard to say what place, what a city close to me. When I entered the Novosibirsk Military Institute of Internal troops, gave the oath to the people and the fatherland. Means my home where my people that is home to people close to me in spirit. Vedeno district — it is also my home, because the Caucasus is inseparable from Russia. Every piece of land in the districts of my outposts in different periods of history was watered with blood of Russian men. Now here I am and my battalion. We here not for war, but for the sake of peace and tranquility.

On War.

I know people who can not live without war. She's kind of detract from their problems and complex current events. I hold a different view and will agree with Tolstoy, who stated that "war is not a favor, but the most disgusting thing on earth." What might be nice for a person with a healthy psyche, when all around gryazyuka, blood, hunger, disease, dead bodies and groans of the wounded … Another thing is that we have a profession — to defend the homeland, and the means to wage war. But to make war, not for war, but for the sake of the world. Peace, not war — the goal of our work.

The war has a positive side. She dismisses excessive, superficial. Immediately see what a man: he is either a real bastard friend … But still right were our grandparents, survivors fear the second World War, when, speaking of the future, always added: "If only there was no war."

About profession.
The officer — is not a profession. It is a style of life that a person chooses. At the moment I am serving on the outpost. I command personnel, make an effort to landscape the area once, then I eat, I sleep, I do not know the weekend. How I live, another life I do not need. Here I feel on the spot. I have the ability to make independent decisions and take full responsibility for their implementation. When I see the result of their own work, it gives pleasure. If all this is not always fundamentally, whether your boss praises. From time to time, honestly fulfilling its own military duty, you find objectionable to someone …

When I was discharged from the institution, were of one mind and eyes. Over time, it added to the experience, and now to many things that comes up in the course of the service attitude is not entirely accurate. Constant remain the property, which was laid with youth: honesty, courage and justice. In my comprehension officer should not be a cog in the mechanism of the tremendous and personality, able to inspire subordinates by example. And a real officer, a real man should be able to almost everything. And to build a house with his hands, and cook porridge.

Oh wonderful.
Even in the field criteria, in the midst of trouble and combat tasks, you can look for time to talk with art. Traditional music has long entered into the daily life of our outposts. This is not a bad tradition. Beautiful melody relieves stress, makes it possible to figure out their own emotions and experiences, tune in to a working harmony, and well, just increase the cultural level.

Our officers also love poetry. My deputy in a tent is not a collection of poetry. I, too, is "Eugene Onegin." Once upon a time in his youth, memory training, learned a few chapters by heart. Unique novel — there are quotes for all occasions. Well, I myself
have from time to time there as well, and I will write what-nibudt. You sit down in the evening draw up an action plan for the next day, complete with official papers and think for five minutes about something cherished — suddenly, the poem is born …

About love.
This year I will be 30 years, during this period, almost all have experienced — and were happy moments, and frustration. We condemn Muslims for polygamy, but do not notice the immorality of our modern life. At this point in the fashion business without free of duties and responsibilities. I was not satisfied with such an approach. I think all the same that the key of success and the individual, and the country as a whole — is a strong family with rigid traditions and values awake. Of course, can not get away from quarrels and domestic problems, but the eyes of a man and a lady on the main issues must be the same. Exupery wrote: "Love — it's not the ones who look at each other, and those who are looking in the same direction." And more fundamentally awareness among people, mutual reliability, loyalty and trustworthiness. The family should not be any undercurrents. Coming home, people should know that close — close friends who always support him. I will say things are known, but without them nowhere: the military man needs a strong base, caring and warmth that will warm in the dank Caucasian winter, when cold in the house, on the parade ground Plasticine gryazyuka and swearing into the phone disgruntled boss. In short, the idea of love in the near future I get a purely practical color. And the romance is not yet completely eroded. After all, what could be more romantic than getting married on the outpost in the mountains of Vedeno Gorge!

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