Is there life on Mars?

This topic is spread over many decades, until the man himself never set foot on this planet, do the necessary research to answer many of the theories — Is there life on Mars?

We will briefly try to understand this issue. U.S. scientists have launched a Mars rover Curiosity, who flew to the planet Mars for nine months, landed, took samples of organic compounds, but scientists NASA, insuring said early on that, or talk about the alien races, but they do not exclude this possibility. If you have decided to present as an original gift photo of Mars — wait. After oblegchalki — where original and useful on the farm.

Organic substances are composed of molecules that are carbon-based — a consequence, it did life on Earth! If you take all the suggestions and still think there is or is there life on Mars, and suggests the substance, found that there rover, do not have to do with it. At the moment, the red planet, is not a place for life in general, and generally not for any life.

There are suggestions that, about 3 billion years ago, Mars was a welcoming environment and it was similar to the earth's environment. If no life on Mars was not, then no matter how much is sent to all devices, and if life was, then it is hidden very deep, and we will need many years to get to her.

According to the hypothesis of American Scientists, millions of years ago there was a rich atmosphere, the climate was warm and humid air, and still have a life, but this is just a hypothesis.

The fact that there was a launch of the high-speed spacecraft — is a major breakthrough in space science. Americans blindly believe what they find life on Mars. The fact that he found Curiosity, caused a split into two camps, with some claiming that life is, and the other that it may not be there. But will put all the points, only time.

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