Japan launched the largest warship since the war

Japan launched the largest warship since the war
August 6, 2013 on the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Yokohama was presented to the public from the time naikrupneyshim 2nd World War battleship Japanese fleet. Deals with «the destroyer-helicopter» type 22DDH, board room of the ship DDH-183. For this massive and caused local specificity systematization hides real helicopter, which in size and all of its external appearance and resembles a small aircraft carrier completely. Full displacement of the ship is 27 thousand tons, and the length of 248 meters. Ship should enter into operation Self-Defense Forces Land of the Rising Sun in 2015 and is the first in a series. Second ship of this project will be laid in January 2014, he will join the fleet in 2017.

The ship got its title to an old Japanese province, also in honor of the cruiser the Russian-Japanese war. And almost his own design, and displacement — is a large, modern helicopter, which just a few months for minor alterations can reincarnate into a light aircraft carrier. To do this, the ship has a flat flight deck throughout the length of the body is actually in the 250 meters, and the command is shifted to the right add-in board.

According to its features new Japanese helicopter can be compared with the French project «Mistral» helicopter docks this project should soon join the Russian Navy. The implication is that they appear just in the Pacific Fleet. Japanese «Izumo» longer than the French «Mistral» virtually fifty meters and has a huge full displacement (27 thousand tons to 21 thousand tons), for all that he is on his own board helicopters considerably less (only 14 compared to 35 for the French helicopter project).

Japan launched the largest warship since the war

It should be noted that «Izumo» this is the third helicopter on the account as part of the Japanese Navy. With all this launching the new ship of that class became neighbors, the country of the rising sun as a surprise, as they write about it in some media. With respect to the publication of budgets to build enough ships Japan open country. Also, there are published all the main properties of the newly laid courts. In print namely reported that in May 2006, was laid the first of them — 16DDH. Already in August 2007, the ship was launched and received the name «Hyuga», in April 2009, he officially joined the fleet.

Even then, the professionals noted the discrepancy in labeling class «Hyuga» and his actual views. By his own displacement «destroyer» «Hyuga» was 3 times more than ordinary destroyers. Possessed a continuous deck from bow to stern and an offset to starboard superstructure, just as all carriers. Because «Hyuga» many professionals immediately regarded as amphibious assault ship, and even by some as a light aircraft carrier. Flight deck length of almost 200 meters and a total displacement of 18 thousand tons were in favor of such conjectures. Helicopter could take on board 11 helicopters for various purposes. With all this puzzles planting landing on board the «Hyuga» has perfected the exercise, including the involvement of the U.S. Marines. The second with the same type of «Hyuga» ship laid in the Land of the Rising Sun in May 2008, it was launched in March 2011 and received the name of «Ise».

New helicopter «Izumo» able to provide simultaneous takeoff and landing five helicopters on board can be up to 14 helicopters for various purposes. «Izumo» may be used as a supply ship, namely refuel other warships operating together. Equipment installed on it you can use it as a floating headquarters during rescue operations both abroad and within the country of the rising sun. On board the ship has its own hospital, designed to receive 35 patients.

Aviagroup ship may consist of 14 different helicopters, model its composition — 7 anti-submarine helicopters and two search and rescue. In the foreseeable future task-based ship should be the fight against possible enemy submarines. With all this he has the abilities and to transport troops. On board can hold up to 400 paratroopers, also up to 50 trucks weighing 3.5 tonnes. Ability to assault landing on board the «Izumo» obviously quite limited, but it is worth remembering here nedavneshnie joint Japan-US exercises, during which the predecessor to the deck «Izumo»-class helicopter destroyer «Hyuga» were landing tiltrotor V-22 «Osprey».

Virtually all articles and notes on a brand new Japanese ship is discussed the possibility of using his deck aircraft vertical takeoff and landing F-35B «Lightning 2.» Modification of this new land of the South American fighter with ordinary takeoff and landing Japan ordered in December 2011. Despite the fact that the length of the flight deck «Izumo» allows the use of F-35B even without installing a springboard, the ship still would require significant revision — intensifying samoletopodemnikov elevators, deck coating heat resistant materials, installation of systems for automation landing. With all this data difficulties are not insurmountable at the technical level, so that the return of the Japanese navy helicopter is first policy.

Reaction neighbors

Dimensions of the ship and its appearance gave rise to many professionals talk about the fact that under the guise of anti-helicopter in the Land of the Rising Sun created a real aircraft carrier, which in the long term it will be possible to arrange fighters 5th generation — South American F-35 system with vertical takeoff and landing . At the same time able to self land of the rising sun until they say they do not intend to convert the ship. Especially since the possession of their aircraft carriers are not allowed postwar pacifist constitution land of the rising sun.

Japanese military sailors planning to use a new ship not only to protect its own borders, and for large-scale rescue operations in case of recurrence of natural disasters, like the earthquake in the Tohoku region in 2011. With all this, specifically launching «Izumo» as a new argument on the question of boundaries particularly acute in relations between Japan and China. Currently, these two countries dispute the right of the islands of the Senkaku (Diaoyu). Virtually response to launching the new Japanese helicopter, was the emergence in the region of the disputed islands ships from the Maritime Police PRC.

Currently, Japan has been the Navy, which is recognized by professionals as one of the best in technical equipment and for training of personnel in the midst of all the navies of the region. With all this at the land of the rising sun do not have the strength and the means to implement vsepolnotsennyh amphibious operations. This kind of defect can be removed by introducing a fleet of new «-helicopter destroyers.» But carrying out amphibious operations at the present time «interferes» Land of the Rising Sun Constitution, which restricts the activities of the Japanese armed forces only defensive functions, which in turn does not allow the country of the rising sun to build aircraft carriers. For this reason, many believe that Japan is building aircraft carriers under the guise of helicopter.

The ruling circles of the country of the rising sun has officially claimed that the country has no intention of introducing «Izumo» offensive purposes. Despite this, according to Japanese correspondents adjacent countries, namely South Korea, China, reacted very badly to the announcements of the launch of the Land of the Rising Sun in another helicopter. This is evidenced by the publication of newspaper correspondents «Asahi» from Seoul and Beijing. They specifically said about tough media backlash 2-these states to increase the combat power of the Japanese fleet. In these states, it is regarded as a «turning on militaristic course of development.»

Reporter Japanese newspaper «Asahi» in Beijing writes that Chinese journalists endure photos from the ceremony of launching the new helicopter on the first pages of the newspapers and called «Izumo» «virtual aircraft carrier.» Japanese reporter quoted a Chinese professional who is in the municipal channel read that helicopter «Izumo» act like a standard aircraft carrier just only after two upgrades. In Chinese newspapers, reports correspondent, said that «offensive capabilities» Izumo «will be substantially higher after being placed on its deck fighters vertical takeoff and landing F-35B.

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