Lukashenko simply cry the blues


Student Freedom under the influence of conflicting information about the financial condition of the head of Belarus, which is voiced by various media, asks the question:

"Dear Freedom! Lukashenko said that he lived very modestly, even has his own apartment, neither he nor his children. Russian news agency reported that the wealth of Lukashenko billions of dollars. Whom to believe, tell me!

Chairman of the "European Coalition" Statkevich comments this issue:

"The problem is the opacity of today's life Belarusian leadership, the lack of complete control over them. Absence of such control power corrupts. Then shown not the best side of human nature.

I'm in this situation is more inclined to believe the Russian television channels, which simply repeat information that the democratic opposition voiced for a long time. Mr Lukashenko just cry the blues. Just look at how he dresses that clock is. This is a very rich people. The size of his wealth, I think we will find out sooner or later. "

Our student asks a question of the impunity of Belarusian officials.

"Lukashenko said on television to one of the officials: do not steal, and the rest is for you to forgive me. What did he mean by everything? Criminal law?

Another participant raised the question more specifically and recalls arrest investigative prosecutor general Svetlana Baykova.

"Even Svetlana Baykova of the State Prosecutor General of Belarus and its affiliates shall not give the right to a defense. She took away the health and stomped her fair name, which came on the tail of the Belarusian corruption."

Human rights activist Lyudmila Graznova comments on this statement:

"As soon as a politically motivated case pops up, then it does not work neither the Constitution nor the law, and everything is done on the orders from above. Baykova It belongs to this category. We see how it unfolds as it suffers from some individuals that have relation to this issue. This situation is common. "

Our listener expressed their outrage at the fact of vandalism Brest:

"Those criminals who have committed terrible vandalism at the old Catholic cemetery in Brest, consider themselves apparently not citizens of the Republic of Belarus, and arrogant inhabitants of the North-Western Territory, or the Union State of Russia and Belarus. Mulia them Litvinskaya our memory, oh how tormented. Night organized mayhem on the streets rather large Belarusian town where it is constantly patrolled by police cars, they were not found. Hope for God and for people dedicated to the heart of our home. Question: At what age and for whom it is necessary to carry out the so-called necessary and now the lessons of Orthodox culture?

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