More than 189,000 people were evacuated in the Chinese island of Hainan from tropical storm Nock-Ten

Photo: www.chaspik.spb.ruMore than 189 thousand inhabitants South China island province of Hainan evacuated because of a powerful tropical storm "Nock-Ten", which was held over it tonight. Reported by the Xinhua news agency, referring to the State headquarters of China flood and drought.
"Nock-Ten" hit this resort island on Friday night and caused a storm surge in the north-east coast and the west coast of Hainan neighboring Guangdong province. On the eve of the disaster in the island's two airports were canceled 176 flights in the harbor of urgency returned about 26 thousand fishing vessels, and of the dangerous coastal areas were immediately evacuated 75 thousand people. Timely measures helped avoid disastrous consequences: a wind storm damaged coastal villages in 148 dwellings, one person was slightly injured in the collapse of the house.
After going to the island, "Nock-Ten" came out last night in the Gulf of Babe. According to the Public Service marine forecast China, the cyclone continues to move in a westerly direction at a speed of 15-20 kilometers per hour and less than a day to reach the northern coast of Vietnam, bringing back a wave height of three to five meters.
"Nock-Ten" / in Lao "bird" /, has already become the eighth tropical cyclone in Asia this season. Previously, he was the Philippines, where caused severe flooding and landslides that killed 32 people and 27 were missing.

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