On Akrestin deny the information about the attack anarchists

Seven young people of Belarus, who are suspected in the attack on the Russian Embassy on August 30, left the prison in Akrestsin. It was expected that the activists be released on September 6 at 17 pm. Arkrestsina prison for their parents and friends were waiting. However, later, the parents said that the detention of their children allegedly extended for another three days.

Evening of September 6 in the video appeared on the Internet, where it is shown as unknown threw "Molotov cocktails" in Akrestsin jail in solidarity with the detainees. However, the duty detention center znyapravdiv this message, saying that "this is the wrong information."

Earlier today by his father in prison for Arkestsina said that the detainees were not released. This was told by a representative of the Information Agency "Postmedyya" Alexander, which is monitoring the situation.

"There is no information there and we do not know what these people do. Parents can not see them and state attorneys met with some parents, and some do not even call that delayed their son or daughter who is there business. No one gives any information. We try to help parents and detainees. "

Parents in shock and still trying not to talk to the media because they are afraid to give us something to harm their children. The familiar one of the detainees Anna, parents in the police said that the detention of youth activists extended for another three days:

"According to what the article in question is not known, we really do not say anything. Tomorrow it will go again to find out a lawyer. At the moment, we know that they are still detained for three days. We do not know for what reason. "

Anna familiar with some of the detainees and claims that they could carry out an attack on the embassy and have no relation to the anarchists, who claimed on the Internet that the attack on the embassy is the action of solidarity with the defenders of the Khimki Forest in Moscow.

I think that anyone that was not necessary, as Molotov cocktails Khimki forest will not help.

"I think that anyone that was not necessary, as Molotov cocktails Khimki forest will not help. Russian anarchists refuted that statement. I think this is a provocation and they did not commit. And in fact no evidence they will not. In any organization they do not, it's just people with active citizenship. "

Alexander said that at the site where there was a statement of responsibility for the attack on the anarchist Russian embassy, anyone can enter and leave any information:

"We have information that the user has been created just before publication, as they say moderators of this site. What is the new user and the group that claimed responsibility, new and no one knows it. "

Activists detained in Minsk on September 3, suspected of involvement in the arson official car "Mazda-3" on the territory of the Russian Embassy in Minsk. According to the spokesperson of the Minsk police Alexander Lastovskogo, it was a form of disorderly conduct in an arson attempt. He added that the seven detainees tested for involvement in the incident, as well as to similar events before.

Commenting on the news agencies' Postmedyya " Alexander noted that the authorities simply want to find the extreme:

"There are facts that say that just now from these people, having an active civil position, trying to make the deadline. We talked with the parents and with detainees who were released, and she says that this peace-loving people and have never been able to do such an act. And that she did not hear any talk about something. "


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