On Sergeevskaya site in Primorye conducted live firing of artillery units

On Sergeevskaya site in Primorye conducted live firing of artillery unitsIn Primorye Sergeevskaya range artillery units Field Army infantry brigades of the Eastern Military Area (BBO) to begin the task ends with pitch camp fees. Field yields began on February 27 and will end on April 6 summarizing and conducting classes on ostentatious defeat moving targets with new precision-guided munitions, reported press service of the Eastern Military Area.

In the process of gathering military camp made many kilometers of marches by the combined method, combat coordination issues worked out calculations and batteries. Gunners fire-arms brigades solve puzzles with battle firing line and half-blank range, indirect fire with the use of various types of ammunition.

When performing live firing of self-propelled howitzer fire "Carnation" and "Acacia", multiple launch rocket systems "Grad", "Hurricane" and mortars were amazed single and group goals. Until the end of the camp fee gunners to be done more 250 problems of varying difficulty.

Only in the performance of combat training tasks on Sergeevskaya range are participating more than 1,200 soldiers and about 500 pieces of artillery weapons, military and special equipment.

In the current academic year, in accordance with the plans battle number of training sessions and field exercises battle shooting in the general army TSB to increase by 15%.

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