Seven of poltergeist haunts Kramatorsk




Seven of Kramatorsk (Donetsk region) pursues a poltergeist, reports Mig News.

Family of Kramators'k addressed the media with a rather unusual request — to find experts that can help get rid of … poltergeist. Priests and local parapsychologists were powerless.

It all started in the usual nine-story apartment — "noisy ghost" dropped to the floor and hit the glass bowl. Family members tried to escape from the troubles in a private house, but it did not help — poltergeist followed. Particularly active, he behaved when the room was 11-year-old Stas. Victoria's cousin and grandmother assured journalists — it's not his antics, the boy is left unattended.

Victoria says that "it all started for Nicholas: in the morning began to fall out of bed pillows, we thought — the guests — the old sign. But that was fifteen times, and have goosebumps, because it's not normal that cushions the fall to the floor themselves . "

One night the dog house was in the middle of the courtyard, and the chain found on the wires. According to the owners, the spirit of mischief, or the person becomes more and more dangerous — the rooms were flying knives, yourself included burner gas stove, a three-year Innochka stone smashed nose.

Maria A. horrified: "I would not believe it myself, if someone told me that this could happen, this can be done: flying cup from the kitchen and hits the glass, half-liter pot on the table is — to pieces."

Rooms sprinkled with holy water, but — to no avail. One of the local experts on the paranormal and checked the apartment house by dowsing.

Gennady Turkin, bioenergetics, "In the northern room in the area of the two mirrors was found negative field: frame work counterclockwise. Could be the soul of the man who had left his body violently on yourself, suicide."

Anna Kurtsanovskaya


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