Solar towers — from breaking down good!

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I want to share with you the information about the maximum understandable for our science, but of course the amazing inventions such as Solar Tower. They collect solar energy may be directed to create comfort, and the fracture! ..

In this device, combined 5800 mirrors, that capture solar energy and focus it at the point size of 1 centimeter!. Such a beam can not only burn wooden objects. but tin, melted rock!

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You can imagine how formidable weapon can be given to the device if it is to build a much larger size!

And here is some more information about the construction of a completely peaceful purpose "Solar Tower" It is located in the Spain.

161-meter PS20 tower, located near Seville, has many improvements over its predecessor. This world's largest solar power plant with capacity of 20 MW is able to provide electricity for 10,000 households.

PS20 surround the 1,255 heliostats — mirrors which, like sunflowers, track the movement of the sun, collect light and direct it to the top of the tower. There's a powerful ray of sunlight turns the water into steam to drive a turbine connected to a generator.

Europe's first solar tower — PS10 — was put into commercial operation in March 2007. The power of this power plant, located next to the PS20, is 11 MW. Sunlight for her collect 624 mirrors, each of 120 square meters. m

By 2013, Spain plans to receive from solar plants of various designs, including the tower, about 300 MW of power.

And in the UK, in the coastal areas, as we began to actively build wind farms. In 2007 in the United Kingdom from such plants was received only 2% of the electricity. For comparison: in Denmark, the figure is 29% in the same Spain — 20%, while in Germany — 15%.

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