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What are nuances to consider if you want to have only a boy or a girl alone? Says MD, physician-Reproduction, an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology # 2 St. Petersburg State Academy. Mechnikov Elena Ostrovsky. It is known that the sex of the child is determined at conception, and depends on what the sperm fertilizes the egg. If that sperm carrying the X chromosome — a girl, and if the sperm and egg unite with the Y-chromosome — a boy. But whether it is a casual connection, and whether it could somehow affect?

Since ancient times, the opportunity in some way to influence the sex of a child interested people. Many of them, of course, are based on prejudices and superstitions. However, there are interesting observations, as well as statistical data that should not turn a blind eye. So let's not categorically assert that the sex of the child can not be planned.

Statistically, it is known that the incidence of births of boys over at first birth and decreases with subsequent ones. The younger the parents, the greater their chances to conceive a boy, and vice versa. People suffering from gout, girls predominate in the progeny; bald men in the progeny and a half times more than the boys.

Furthermore, it is known that children are more likely pogodki one floor, and if the interval between delivery of about three years in most cases, children are born opposite sex. If pregnancy occurs soon after the abortion, the more girls are born. And so on and so forth.

Spermatozoa carrying the X-and Y-chromosome differ in their properties. Y-spermatozoa are smaller and lighter mobile, but less tenacious than X-sperm. On the basis of this theory emerged, claiming that during sexual intercourse taking place well before ovulation, less durable Y-sperm and the egg killed more likely X-fertilized by sperm, then there's a girl.

And if you have sex or immediately before ovulation occurs immediately after it is likely to be a boy, as more mobile and faster Y-sperm are faster, "dobegut" published before the egg. These findings are confirmed by many researchers.

But for the sperm, there is a time limit. It is necessary to have time to reach the target for 24-48 hours. This lifetime egg. Those who did not have to wait for the next cycle. Scientists explain the mechanism of change in the method of acidity. Because as we approach the day of ovulation discharge from the genital tract women become more alkaline. If intercourse takes place the day before ovulation, the more chances for the birth of a boy, as at this point the reaction medium in a woman's favors faster Y-sperm.

However, if intercourse takes place 2-3 days before ovulation, when the environment becomes acidic, the more favorable the conditions are hardy X-sperm. It was also suggested that the egg can "favor" or X-or Y-sperm, passing one and not letting other. This is based on another method of planning sex of the baby, which is recommended for a baby boy to have intercourse in the days before ovulation and conception for girls — just after ovulation. There are those who believe that the plan for the child 24 hours after ovulation, it is not necessary. This is due to "aging" the egg and increase the likelihood of miscarriage and birth defects.

The condition for the application of one or other of these methods is a very accurate determination of the time of ovulation, which makes their practical use, as well as verification.

The easiest way — is to measure basal body temperature. This should be done the morning of part time — from 5 to 6 or 8 to 9, and for at least three cycles. On the ensuing ovulation will say the temperature rise up to 37,1-37,2 oC. Ovulation has occurred can be seen on ultrasound.

However, it should be remembered that the period of ovulation can move under the influence of various factors — physical, climatic, psychological, and others. A bug in determining the period of ovulation, even for a day can lead to opposite results — a boy instead of a girl.

Noteworthy is the method of planning sex of a child with special diets. It turns out that the characteristics of the power in the family, too, can depend on, you will be born a boy or a girl. Studies have confirmed that the parents of the boys who ate large amounts of sodium and potassium, and the girls' parents gave preference to products rich in calcium and magnesium. Scientists have developed two special diet containing a specific set of products — "diet for a boy" and "diet for a girl." Recommended diet parents were to adhere to the two months prior to conception. So, for the birthday boy advised to use potatoes, mushrooms, lentils, cherries, bananas, apricots, oranges, peaches, figs, excluded from the diet green salad, raw cabbage, nuts, green beans. In addition, we recommend eating more salt. It is no accident that people say that if the "pull on solenenkoe" — wait for the boy.

For the birth of a girl should eat eggplant, beets, carrots, cucumbers, peas, peppers, onions, nuts, and exclude from the plums, bananas, oranges, blackberries, cantaloupe. However, from a scientific point of view, this fact is difficult to confirm. Since the sex of the child is determined at conception, the result depends, simply, on which sperm faster "run so far," the egg. After intercourse, the sperm get into the female body, and the composition of the average woman's body depends on their fate.

I would like to warn women who want to plan a child's sex through diet. We noticed that with a diet for more than two months in women more frequently observed spontaneous abortions than unplanned pregnancy. In the early stages of pregnancy, there is a bookmark organs and systems of the growing organism, and the imbalance of nutrients, especially the severe shortage of certain substances can result in serious breach of the formation of the embryo. Therefore we do not recommend a diet for longer than a month before conception, after conception dieting is pointless and harmful to an unborn baby and pregnancy.

A very popular and simple in execution is the method of determining the sex of the child on the "renewal of blood." It is believed that the blood of a woman's body is updated every three years, the male body — every four. The age of the parents is divided into three, respectively, for women and for four — for men. Whose balance is more — that sex and work. Thus, if the mother is a carrier of rhesus-negative, the result is just the opposite.

From a scientific and reliable methods currently exist methods for preparing sperm fractions with high content of Y-and X-sperm. The laser spermatozoa separated into carriers X and Y-chromosome. These sperm used in artificial fertilization of the egg (IVF, or so-called "test-tube babies"). Depending on the planned sex egg is fertilized by one of them. The success rate varies depending on gender — 91% of girls and 75% boys. So now it is possible to "order" a child of the desired sex genetics. However, in this case to get pregnant without the help of doctors and modern reproductive technology you do not succeed.

There is also a method of calculating the sex of the child's biorhythms. Found well-defined combination of jet lag husband and wife, which involve conceiving a boy or a girl. With these combinations, you can at any time make an individual for the couple's calendar conceiving a child of a particular sex. Biorhythmic method does not reject the other methods because all the processes in the body occur cyclically and are subject to whatever biorhythms.

If you dream of twins, the situation is somewhat different. For a start it would be good to ask if there were twins in your family. If so, then your chances of becoming parents of cute twins increased by 50%. Scientific evidence shows that the gene responsible for the appearance of twins, coupled with the Y-chromosome is inherited through the male line.

This gene has a tendency to accumulate and be passed through the generations from grandfather to grandson and so is likely to give birth to twins, and in patients of the "Children of the tubes." Doctors stimulate the maturation of multiple eggs, all of which can be fertilized. Therefore, the number of children is governed solely by the desire and capability of future parents. In any case, the child should always be welcome.

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