The Story of a miracle: Elena Klimovitch


At least they claim it. And I'm bound to ask another question: if they are passionary experience all lived in Belarus, or is it somehow would influence the overall situation? And my answer is yes, because everybody maystrovets — is a motor that somehow all the time to learn and forms around the environment, its projection of Belarus.

Then, in the early 1980s, everyone had an internal system — resulting in a Craftsman new people. And everyone was pulling whom he could — fellow students, friends, relatives … You can imagine how razraslisya maystrovtsav these private centers for the past thirty years, and how many men each brought in Artisan today. It is clear today that this is not the most favorable socio-political climate in Belarus. But it is important to know that all of this potential remains in force and may well earn tomorrow. No matter where his media — in Belgium, Israel, Canada, or, as Helen Klimovitch in the States, in California.

The path itself Helena mechanic looked the same way — she met someone who brought her, came — and stayed.

Natalia Lazovskaya

Helena"I have, in this children's book about Harry Potter. When he went to his school, he met a man on the platform, with the right person. So like in life and I have met. 'Cause when I came to the philology faculty, I came with a medal. I had one exam, and I passed with honors. And such standouts gathered in a group, and we had to wash the windows. There were probably about twenty people, and there was one girl who was on the Belarusian. Lozovskaya It was Nat. And when we found out she was from Minsk, it was very, very unusual. And I immediately felt an attraction, because I wanted to understand why. Marinka Lychkovskaya was also in this group, too, and felt what something of interest to Natalia. And all three of us began to make friends literally from the first of September. But we did not know that Nate in a workman, she did not say anything about it. "

Natalia Lozovskaya, Elena and Marina Klimovitch Lychkovskaya, April 1, 1988.

Dubovets: In the history of Helen Klimovitch again there is the same paradox, which has been discussed in previous programs — is the right girl an excellent pupil, all round positive to come your way is the right thing — to their roots, to their native language, to the patriotism and unceasing self-education, but eventually find themselves in the eyes of the environment is incorrect. They themselves can not understand why, after walking their reasoning is correct, too. They are too well brought up to accept the cynicism of the system and dvuhablichnasts environment for granted. And it turns out that without this system and the environment does not accept them.

Helena"When we were on the potatoes, we sang … Natalia sang Belarusian songs and taught the whole group. Coat of arms, and we sang" The Chase. "We have a song of the band was" the Basotho. "They started asking how she knows so many songs. And when have returned to the philology faculty, she invited me to come and Marinka in the assembly hall of Philology, and there was Larissa Simakovich, and she led the choir practice. I still remember the song, which she then rehearsed. This was in October 1982. And Larissa insisted on what we need to know and autumn cycle of songs. And not just holidays. And it was a song about autumn a cloud. "But it turned out because of the dark cloud autumn forest …" I have a book at home in California, where all the songs collected … And since that time we started to walk and joined the Craftsman. "

Morning after Kupala on the Neman, 1983. Elena Klimovitch third from the left.

Dubovets: Gradually, the first surprise of the Belarusian language Minsk Natalia Lozovskaya girls passed, and now it was thought that it is organic, natural, because she was not alone, there are many.

Helena"After we met with Vertsyay and thought that they had the whole family such Belarusian-. Oh, and then we have the same on the course Alina studied Sadovskaya too. This was not so in some very big surprise when we are in filfak joined. Philology Although few people speak Belarusian. Alinka Sadovskaya But to say that only the four of us. bit more. yet there was Oleg Dyshlevich, later joined by Dmitry Savko. And then they somehow ended up in a workman. Someone as Dyshlevich once came, and White-headed Duck is actively involved in the artisan.

Party at the Palace Belsovprofa Kalinowski, 1984. Elena fifth from the left.

And then Natasha, she did not arrive with a medal, and after school, she graduated with honors, this equated to a medal. A short period of time between studying and going to university, she worked in a bookstore, "Torch". And it seemed to us, when it works in a bookstore, "Torch", then it should speak Belarusian. "

"Turovskaya DICTIONARY"

Dubovets: In the Craftsman gathered mostly citizens of Minsk in the second and first generation — it was a feature of the time. Moreover, the surrounding society is the division into "adult" and "newcomers" residents of the capital was felt quite strongly, as the children of yesterday's villagers were almost all "Russian" and a little time to turn up their noses, the children of the villagers today. It is clear that in this division Artisan just could not be. On the contrary, there is a great respect belonged to peers that only have come from the village and were living bearers of the traditional folk culture, which was the object of worship for maystrovtsav.

Helena"I came out of the village. This Poles'e in Stolin, but it's almost a border with the Gomel region. They created" Turov dictionary. "And if razvernesh this book and read five volumes of the" Dictionary of Turov, "you'll find that the language there — very peculiar dialect. And all my life I speak this dialect and studied the Belarusian language is the same as the Russian language. For me, that one, that the second — were the official languages though, and those languages that you speak in the life .

Because with the annual all my life I said okayuschy, reducing all prymetnikavyya end … As in "Turov dictionary" is described. A lot of vocabulary so that is not in the literary language. The Belarusian language I gained from school, my mom was a teacher of the Belarusian language. Then out of the TV, from the books. "

Dubovets: The largest in Belarus, Stolin district so the most that a large part of its territory is occupied by a huge Bolat. There the river flows Stsviga there before Chernobyl happened first in the history of the Belarusian radiation catastrophe, it has retained archaic crafts, and nature — a paradise on earth. From there, by the way, is kind of the head of the Belarusian Artisan Vintsuk Vyachorka. There, on the edge of endless forests is a large village Ozdamichi.

Helena"Ozdamichi I azdamitskaya. Stsviga there, Leo. And we swam there with Miklashevich. This was in 1991, we are in May, there were swimming kayaking, hiking was very interest
ing with Miklos — Igor, Rita and with Stach."

Dubovets: Miklos maystrovtsy called Miklashevich. For many of them, and many of them have become friends for life is a craftsman.

Helena"I came to the big city to fight against it, and to learn how to take something. And when I came to the Artisan, I saw a group of people, everyone — like a star. Such a constellation. So wanted to learn from each. And each brought something and shared it. Each in his own was so rich … Vintsuk Here, for example, educated, erudyravany, knows many languages. Genyk infinitely bring songs in all languages, which you can think of, sung in Esperanto. Shupe — also all languages, and, on such a deep level. Istomin brought a few songs, everyone brought not only the songs …

Maystrovtsy meet Sergei GGSN from the army in 1984. Elena third from the right.

I remember that summer Hareuski … In 1983, it was when we went to the palace Belsovprofa, he made a report. And this report somehow touched me greatly. He collected lots and lots of numbers and proved that Belarus can be an independent country. In principle, this is the 83rd year, even the idea that the Soviet Union could fall apart, and the country can exist separately, was not. And he was tsiferki, interest led, reviewed industry, agriculture … and a conclusion is made at the end of that Belarus may exist as an independent country. It was like a revelation. "

Dubovets: It seems to me that for the most Sergei Hareuski, and for everyone else it was a revelation. Not that Belarus can exist on its own, but the fact that this is possible so to state publicly. Remember, I said the right thing and correct gait of ideas in the minds of regular guys. The fact that Belarus is an independent country, said the whole Soviet propaganda, like that Kalinowski — our national hero, as that is necessary to protect cultural sites. But the independence of Belarus logically come across the need to secede from the USSR. Heroism Kalinowski pushed to his word about our main enemy — the Muscovite. The attempt to protect the monument maystrovtsav led to the police station.

In other words, young people are right in front of duress is not all that it would be right to say and do. Or to say and do not always publicly, not necessarily openly, and in a narrow range. And Artisan had such a narrow circle of him telling Ales Land. But then, what the wheel is, to hide from others was not the way it looked and heard and felt.

Helena"It felt. But I think that we have the whole outside world as if pushed, that you all are. What do you all think about this independence.

Because if we stood outside the house when destroying the first Belarusian theater, then we all were called to chat with kagebistam. And communicating with them … They made it clear that they have treated it as a force that destroys this unity of the Soviet Union. Personally, I have these thoughts were not, there is something that I have robbed. Now, I understand that the house is standing, he may bore and Kurapaty. Maybe it bore size even. It bore all the subsequent events, I think so. It was the first.

Talakovskaya event, the mid-1980s. Violetta Efymenko, Vladislav Baranich, Elena Klimovitch, Sergey Vitushko, Vertsya Lozovskaya.

Now, in the comments write, you are not sitting in jail, you do not know … I do not think it is any merit or nezasluga — to sit in jail. But we have stayed her. One night. "


Dubovets: Gathering evidence Artisan, in one private conversation, I heard that kagebisty reality sympatyzavali maystrovtsam and how they could, tried "admazvats" them out of trouble. Perhaps this was too. And one of the environments talk about it once. I also remember another — from the words of friends, because I myself am at such talk has not got. They said that on the line always treated after studying the distribution, that is, the working career and housing, not only maystrovtsav, and their relatives and friends. Finally given the right to understand what they might be worth their correctness.

Alena Klimovitch remember the conversations in their own way. But first, back at the police station, where Elena had to sit night after the first in the modern history of the protest rally.

Helena"We knew that there could be some impact. We handed over the session at this time, and we have two days had to be exam. Filfaka There's a way we were: Marinka Lychkovskaya, Nat and I Lozovskaya. And we decided we have to pass this session just perfectly. then if we expel from the Philology, it will not be for evaluation. If we are thrown out, it will only be for political reasons.

Kagebistam discussion we had after the session. At that time I was living in an apartment, and the police came to the apartment when I was not home, and interviewed all the neighbors and my mistress, who I am, how I behave. I did not like it, because I think they will go to the parents. Parents in principle supported me in these views. And then I was worried that they zanepakoyatstsa. Or suffer. Because they are high school teachers and the "need to educate the younger generation," … I am more worried for my parents.

Orientalists in civilian clothes

No, they're not scared. Talk to us a very interesting man, he said he graduated from the Institute of Oriental Studies in Moscow that he is an expert on Arabic. And all the time as it showed that he, too, with philology. Very soft spoken and seemingly had warned us in a fatherly way, saying there is not, so do not.

In principle, I do not remember that there were any such threats. The only thing, if a bit part in the Artisan prevented … We are always after the fourth year a group of people went on a month to Germany for the exchange students. None of maystrovtsav not go even close.

We are always well attended. We Marinka Lychkovskaya were excellent pupil. Natasha was close to this, it has, in my opinion, the red diploma. Alinka Sadovskaya too. And there are no conflicts with fellow students we ever had. But none of us left. Then there was the chairman of the Party committee at the philological faculty Prigodich. Then he became my boss. Because I worked at the philological faculty. I went to graduate school and just at the Department of History of the Belarusian language was working, he was head of the department. So he said that we could not leave. "

Dubovets: Here's a continuation of the right of girls. Not feeling antisovetchitsy, they are still disadvantaged in the eyes of the environment. After speak Belarusian, singing folk songs and attended the same association of Belarusian and belaruskaspevnyh peers. Sounds pretty absurd. Nevertheless, it was so. And probably the main reason nyadobranadeynastsi advocated that the association was casual, not sanctioned by anyone. Around saying that we live by Nikolai Ostrovsky, and that's the way to live. They never lived, but initially they were deceived. In fact actually lived by Orwell.

And Ostrovsky its imperative of "wasted years", there lived a very different society in a completely different place. Elena Klimovitch emphasizes that not for ideological reasons was in America. And I see it as an excellent pupil its correctness finally stopped bumping the wall double morality and has been further developed.

Helena"In October, there will be 10 years since we were there. This was a purely economic migration. My husband is like a joke played in
the Green Card lottery and won. And he went there and found a job in his specialty, he is a programmer, just 20 days after the he set foot on the land. And I realized that he had better prospects. And we weighed and decided that we will go there. "

Dubovets: Moving to America, of course, cost. And the first value, which had to put on the scales, Elena calls favorite work linguist at the philological faculty of BSU. Here she wrote his thesis …

HelenaI, by the way, and now I work as a teacher, but a teacher of Russian language. As it may sound ironic. And every time we come here, a friend of my husband Yuri Ziser jokes: ay-ay-ay, a Belarusian nationalist — and teaches Russian language. And I'm like, but I still love Dostoevsky.

I found a job in their field. This is the Russian language and literature in Russian school. And I have such plans — to connect it with its new form — computer programming. Because I have students who are studying remotely. "

Dubovets: In California, Elena live her husband and two daughters. "

Helena"Elder name is Olga, and younger Ruta.

Wednesday husband is really nebelorusskoyazychnyh. But they are taking it very well, and my husband spoke in Belarusian is in our company. He was released from the Belarusian language in their time at school. But when we got married, we continued to meet our loved ones around. This Yugasya Volkov Volkov, Miklashevich Istomin Valasevichy, Viyaletka. And we continued to meet, and they dragged him. And he says, well in Belarusian. "

Belarusian holiday costume

Dubovets: If in Minsk today I meet a wedding, fully dressed in national costumes, and this is often happens, I recall a titanic work of Michael Romaniuk, who proved that the system — it's ours and it's value, and reminded Artisan, where many were born in the discussions Today the usual things, such as the fact that the national costume can be festive clothing urban Belarusian.

Helena"If," Clemens "was a performance, and we are on the second play of all Artisan went along, I remember that there was a motive: if you come to the theater … usually attend the festive attire, in the best of the … Came you would in a theater in the national costume How to festive attire. Yet lively discussions about it. consider whether we really build this clothing, which could come to the theater? "

Dubovets: In the theater or to a wedding. To answer yes, it was necessary evolution of ideas. Then they came, not because they thought — as we look at, but because they themselves in stereotypes something had to change. In this evolutionary step was the wedding maystrovtsav Irina and Igor Marochkin, the first wedding in Minsk in national costumes. Next it became easier.

Statement of the wedding ceremony, held in conjunction with the descendants of the Craftsman, August 1983. From left to right: Elena Vyachorka, Edward Zaikovskii, sister Igor Miklashevich with girlfriend Inna Alina Sadovskaya Alexander Istomin, Elena Klimovitch, Marina Lychkovskaya, Lada Schastnaya, Tatiana Lavrinovic Efymenko Violetta, the daughter Arina Vecherka radusya, Michael Anempadistov.

Helena"If Yugasya get married, she was a regular white dress, but everybody was in costume. Miklashevich was the matchmaker, he was wearing a shirt and was tied with a towel. I was a witness to it, and I had a pastiche. Witka was in full attire. We agreed that in Yugoslavia will be a celebration in costume.

Dubovets: This year for Christmas Artisan will be thirty years. One can not help each of us thinks, the way that the date noted.

Helena"I think it must be some kind of activity, a celebration, it's some kind of action. Not just to get together and socialize. Because we are now talking. And each of us listens to these programs and can write something it in the comments. And each of us has already met with the others in some way. But to meet and do something. This is like a grain in the ground to plant.

Party at the Palace Belsovprofa Kalinowski, 1984. Elena third from the left.

I remember the celebrations, which Artisan suit, quite diverse. It was the holidays. Christmas, which began with the Artisan, Midsummer … It was the evening in the palace Belsovprofa. I even have pictures. It was a party dedicated to Constantine Kalinouski and yet, in my opinion, Dunin-Marcinkiewicz. It was the other celebrations. I remember when we were fighting for the first Belarusian school. We went from house to house collecting signatures …

Maystrovtsy with children and friends. Christmas at the Youth Palace in Minsk. The mid-1990s.

None of maystrovtsav, I know, would not some drunk or a bad person. All realized. And each has children who are also normal people, normal citizens, who know who they are and have the advantage. "

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