To raise wages, raise prices

From 1 September in Belarus increased by 10% excise tax on vodka will rise prices paid for meat. Following more expensive milk. For quite significantly increased prices for buckwheat. Why is the government before the presidential election goes to the unpopular measures?

Draft Resolution of the Council of Ministers to increase purchase prices for pork, beef and milk has been prepared. Purchase prices for meat will increase accordingly its category in September, October, increases of 10% milk. Excise taxes on vodka increased according to the presidential decree number 439 of August 24.

Economist Michael Zaleski thus explains the increase in the next:

Michael Zaleski

"The first thing that is connected with excise taxes — there is a problem of the Ministry of Finance, the budget issue — not enough money. Excise taxes, which is included in the price of goods is more widespread, it is the fastest technology. That is, you can quickly attract money. It's from starvation, as they say, from the fact that not enough money. Second — what is connected with agricultural products. "The successful management of" agriculture has led to what is now a rapidly falling output of dairy products in the private sector. Very quickly reduced the number of cows, and something must be done. Went Here manipulation purchase prices. Same thing happens with certain cultures — flax, buckwheat. reducing their production. flax We produce less than in 1913. Same with buckwheat. Here is an attempt to somehow roll this fix. "

By the way, buckwheat in the last month prices have doubled — now in stores are sold entirely Russian cereals cost 4 thousand rubles per kilogram. Rising prices and flour.

Sergei Chaly

Higher prices for vital goods economist Sergei Chaly explains that it is necessary to compensate the increase of pensions, scholarships, salaries:

"We are trying now to supplement the budget, as the current account deficit is quite considerable — up to 10% of the budget. With one hand, give the other — take away. If today announced to bring revenues up to $ 500, we have to raise prices. As for milk, meat, this is due to the fact that for a long time did not increase the purchase price, and it became unprofitable for farmers to produce. It just cost inflation. "

Economist Leonid Zlotnikov unpopular measures with higher prices also connects with the promises of the government to raise income:

Leonid Zlotnikov

"Salaries have promised to increase. Where's the money from? Revenues that have been on the export of oil products, are not the same. In spite of the foreign loans, the government recently on the stock market lent one billion euros. A very difficult economic situation, that's all. "

Why is it rising prices for socially important goods: milk, meat, cereals?

— If you now raise prices, for example, on the TV, you still will not buy. But without meat are not going anywhere, and without milk and buckwheat too. And the vodka slowly raise prices.

According to the National Statistics Committee, in the first half of 2010 compared to the same period last year, more than other products, prices for potatoes — by 35%, sugar — by 29.5%, for vegetables — by 19%.


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