TR-3B — the secret apparatuses U.S.?

"Moscow-Week", 18.09.2002, Moscow, n36, p.16

The last 20-30 years, a triangular UFO became frequent guests earthly heaven. Prior to 1960, according to the list of Bob Pratt, there were only four cases of observations of such objects. The first in 1855, over Bermuda

Ufologists believe that the aliens is a technological breakthrough, replaced the classic "flying saucers" come apparatus triangular shape. A large, powerful and reliable. Information about their accident has not yet been reported. "Triangles" is often accompanied by the usual "dish", which according to a number of observations, and are based on them.
Takes place and the statement that "triangles" are purely terrestrial origin, but created with the use of alien technology obtained after UFO crashes, or as a result of government collusion with extraterrestrials to establish a global control of the planet.
An indirect confirmation of this is support of their military aircraft and last year's spy scandal between Russia and the United States caused by the theft of confidential drawings of engines, designed, apparently, with the use of extraterrestrial technology.

The pilots on board the "TR-3B" comfortably carry acceleration up to 40 G, since at 89% loss of gravity, it will be only 4,2 G. MFD power propulsion generators is limited only by congestion, which can withstand the pilots.

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