Vladimir Orlov. While flying boom

In an interview with Radio Liberty on the occasion of the beginning of a new cycle of Vladimir Orlov said:

When people ask me why I travel so much for the answer, I think, that is happily zbeglasya some circumstances. Well, I guess we must begin with the fact that in my veins there is a drop gypsy blood. I remember in school one day a child came out on the highway, waved and drove from Polotsk for dipped down to under Lepel, very frightened mother.

And now, of course, a trip more meaningful. This may be a journey to the places that interest me as a writer or as a graduate of the Faculty of History. And when I go out somewhere for a meeting with readers, then definitely very important to me is what is called a "closed loop".

Gogol, once received an advance copy of the printing of his new book, said hopefully: "This book came out, it means sitting somewhere and a reader of her." You could say that I travel to see where this reader is sitting and where he is.

I also travel to again and again to make sure that that Belarus, which we love, and for the sake of trying to do something that really exists, and not just exist, I would say — lives.

I know I live in Braslaw two wonderful family — Shydlouski and Selihav, Belarusian family, the media really Belarusian national character, and in the set — the family of Yuri Fours, by the way, the son of the members of the "Union of Belarusian patriots." I know that lives in Orsha Gene Shepelyov, which organizes an annual celebration of the Day in September, the Belarusian Military Glory Krapivinskoye field. I know that in Zelva is not only dyarzhymordy recently on the 100th anniversary of Larissa Heniyush watching us and intimidated the locals to not meet with the nationalists and the opposition. I know that in the very lives Zelva Mrs. Janina, who was not afraid to come to the meeting with us, and received the gift of my book "The names of Liberty" and other svabodavskiya edition. By the way, when I tried to hand the books police, the mayor told me gloomy sacramental phrase: "We do not need to know."

But everywhere there are people who really need to learn. Everywhere there are people who want to know our history. literature, movu.Byaz they would not have any of my travels, nor, perhaps, the writer Vladimir Orlov.

Today — the first transmission from the cycle "While flying boom." Vladimir Orlov answers the question — what will be remembered this summer?

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