We can also — shock UAV Tu-300 Vulture

We can also - shock UAV Tu-300 "Vulture"

Russian military department of the Union to new developments in the field of armaments always applied with prejudice, and the only successful use by Israel in 1982 UAVs in combat criteria led USSR Ministry of Defense to reconsider their eyes and instruct SRI "pendant" to design work to create impact UAV. Experience in developing UAVs in the Soviet Union was already — EDO "Tupolev" were made UAV-scouts T-141 and T-143.
But first, in 1982, work on the creation of shock UAV charge OKB "dry." It was only after 12 months of taking the decision to entrust the development of a new project bureau "Tupolev", has already had experience in the successful development UAV.
The work was done by designers Tupolev factory "Experience."
Works terminate in 1990 the creation of a good layout that gets the title of the Tu-300 UAV "Kite-U", and in 1991 the first time he ascends into the sky. UAV reconnaissance version gets the title of "Owl".
EDO "Tupolev" intensively started to carry out different tests UAV. But due to the great changes of the known and in fact the complete cessation of funding further development was carried out on pure enthusiasm.
The first time the Tu-300 "Owl" was presented at the international aerospace show in the Capital in 1993. It provided UAV "Owl-1" with equipment for reconnaissance and radar. Apparatus can be equipped with different equipment — cameras, infrared equipment, radars lateral and radial angle.

We can also - shock UAV Tu-300 "Vulture"

UAV "Owl" has launch weight of about 3 tons and can fly at a speed of about 950 km / h
"Owl-2" is used as a relay that can work 120 mine t planning in the air at speeds of up to 600 km per hour.
All UAV "Tu-300" is equipped with turbojet sustainer engine and solid-fuel boosters start overclocking.
For a touchdown Russian Tu-300 uses a system of parachutes. All accessories — launcher, remote device management point, point of processing and interpretation of intelligence — made at the army truck ZIL-131.
The equipment can directly control 2 Tu-300 "Owl-1" and 2 Tu-300 "Owl-2."

The main findings of Tu-300 "Kite-U"
Tu-300 created as a single-engine aircraft apparatus on the aerodynamic configuration "duck." Small triangular wing extension, the flight makes a permanent lift. At the head of the UAV is a computer hardware and communications equipment.
The entire load — combat arms or equipment exploration — is located in the outer compartment of the fuselage and pendants. The total weight of all loads — up to 1000 kg.
When demonstrations at various trade shows Tu-300 was equipped with a compact container cargoes. From this it appears that the combat load will be compact bomb, maybe shaped-charge/fragmentation shrapnel and high-explosive.
Reliance CDD will allow the holder to use almost all guided and unguided aircraft weapon.
The system is located in the tail parachute compartment UAV.

We can also - shock UAV Tu-300 "Vulture"

The future of Russian UAV
EDO "Tupolev", also known as a company "Tupolev", in 2007, officially resumed all work to create a shock and reconnaissance UAV. In the framework of modern developments lie engineering project working hours Tu-300. Expected apparatus will be medium-range actions.
He will participate in all tenders for the creation of Russian UAV different configurations.

The main features:
— modification of "Owl-1" and "Owl-2";
— take-off weight — 4000 kg;
— propulsion: a turbojet engine;
— maximum speed — up to 950 km / h;
— introduction of distance — up to 300 km;
— altitude ceiling — 6 thousand meters;
— low ceiling — 50 meters;

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