Whether to expand the boundaries of fertility?


Although, as the journalists, the public in Italy may soon get used to a similar phenomenon. Just a few months ago gave birth to twin 50-year-old model and dancer Heather Paryz, which is credited with the legendary novel footballer Diego Maradona.

Gemini modelki were born healthy, and their development is normal. As for the mother, she feels great.

In 2006, Italy gave birth in 1164 women aged over 45 years.

"We spend all of his youth in search of its own identity and career and then suddenly realize that we are missing, and we were overcome by the desire to become mothers," — says Heather Paryz.

According to the Italian Institute of Statistics, in 2006, Italy in 1164 gave birth to women aged over 45 years. About Italian women who have decided on such a bold and controversial move, writes in his book "The 50-year-old girl," sociologist Marina drink. The author notes that this is still a rare phenomenon peculiar to the rich and famous women, however, it is spreading rapidly. Women believe that reached a peak of authority and respect, and therefore decide to have children at all costs. Marina drink notes that "in this case are interwoven different phenomena: one thing — wait until middle age to become a mother, is another matter — decide to become a mother, defying the laws of real or contrived body and nature." The author warns: "We do not yet know what the consequences for children can lead a decision to become a father or mother at the age, the traditional age for grandparents."

Kim Besynger, Sharon Stone, Jodie Foster and other stars became mothers after forty

About risks of late pregnancy and experts warn. Paolo Syrymaka, head ginekalyagichnay Kardareli clinic in Naples says:

"Motherhood at 50 years of age requires great care, the mother should be supervised from the moment of conception, all the time pregnancy, when all exacerbated the problem, and at the time of birth, which is almost always necessary to prepare in advance "

The problem of pregnancy in adulthood affected, of course, not only Italy. In the U.S., the number of women who choose to become a mother after 40 or even 50 in the last five years has doubled. Have a baby after forty decided Besynger Kim, Sharon Stone, Jodie Foster and other stars.

A new era in reproductive medicine began in 1978

The so-calledin the empowerment of female fertility modern "adult" mother obliged by a British scientist. A new era in reproductive medicine began in 1978 when ginekalyagichnay clinic in Manchester for the first time in the world was born, "the girl out of the tube" — Louise Brown. Today there are more than 3 million children born by IVF (in vitro apladnennya). Most same "adult" mother in the world — Romanian Adriana Iliescu, and two residents of India Raja Devi and Sathyabhama Mahaparta who at the age of 70 became pregnant through artificial apladnennya. Among the three women with the problems faced only resident of Romania. Woman were transplanted two healthy embryos that it has successfully nurtured to six months of pregnancy. However, in the seventh month, one of the twins. died, and doctors were forced to urgently do cesarean section to save the mother and the second child.

Despite the fact that all the children born to mothers constants are welcome and thus they will not have any problems with the mother's love, nor care, nor power, nor to the provision of timely medical care, a vision for a repraduktsyynasts any medical nor scientific, nor in social circles did not exist.

"Is it worth it so ignore the nature of the data limits (according to the World Health Organization, women plodnasts lasts on average 50 years)?" — Ask the pages of many media outlets are those who oppose IVF in adulthood. "As far as we know, the real limits of man?" Respond with a question supporters of this technique.

The oldest "young" 70-year-old mother living in Romania and India

In a number of Western countries (UK, France) has recently introduced a number of restrictions on artificial apladnenne adult mother, for example, in cases where they have suffered severe cancer. However, such obstacles are a woman who wants to have successfully overcome. She goes on IVF in the United States, Russia or other countries where there is no such obstacles.

Late Pregnancy: A welcome or deny?

According to many American experts continued pregnancy should be applauded. Its demographic crisis because the U.S. decided that for the first time in decades, many women began to have more than two children, and in forty years of age and later.

How confident leading Russian obstetrician-gynecologist who specializes in IVF Vadim Lopuchin, a woman who for various reasons have not given birth to 40 children, should always do it later. As long as a woman's body produces the required number of sex hormones, that is, until it comes peradklimakterychny period, a 40-year-old woman may herself pregnant and bear a healthy child. If you did not get pregnant before klimakteryyu, you need to seek help from doctors.

According to Vadim Lopuchin, some specific age supratspakazannyav for childbirth does not exist. There are only a general medical supratspakazanni.

In Belarus are going to ban IVF for women over 49 years.

Meanwhile against IVF in adulthood too many specialists pedyyatry. According to the chief pedyyatra Russia, vice-president of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences of Alexander Baranov, roughly 75% of the children born by IVF are disabled.

With regard to Belarus, where the first child "test-tube" appeared in 1995, there soon plans to introduce a legislative ban on IVF for women over 49 years. According to the chairman of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Health, Physical Education, Family and Youth Affairs Svetlana Shilova, such a move would be introduced on the basis of Article 23 of the Constitution of Belarus, according to which the State may restrict the rights of individuals to protect morality, health, rights and freedoms of others individuals.

In other words, from the medical point of view, to have a child of 49 years is not the best solution for women. By this age, ovarian function fades away. For a woman to become pregnant, repraduktolyagi should use high doses of hormone replacement therapy.

"The likelihood of complications in the elderly is always very high, and during hormonal therapy has a very high risk not only for health, but for the life of a woman and her child," — said the Belarusian lawmaker Svetlana Shilov.



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