Which is cheaper, then buy …


Mrs."We buy what is cheaper. Salaries have become less, not more, as promised. Began to cut bonuses. "

Mr."The bread we buy more, potatoes and tomatoes. There is money — we buy, no — and the issue is closed. "

Mrs."In my opinion, equally buy — most dairy products, fish."

Mr."How would all standard. I am a student, I buy food. As always, rice, buckwheat and all that. The scholarship of 100 thousand rubles can not survive. "

Mrs."We are pensioners and prosperity we have not. Which is cheaper, then buy — milk, of course. A meat — you go to the market, buy the bones, boil soup and eat. "

Mr."I personally buy cheaper. Here sprat taken. Seniors take more than that — dairy products and fish. "

Mrs."We started buying more vegetables. Abandoned the meat of the bread. Bakery products are also expensive. Crossed, so ba say on a healthy diet (Laughs). "

Mrs."Everything we buy a little — meat, fish to feed the kids."

Mr.: "Do not have to buy. In principle, the same. Only the more expensive the table. "

Mrs."Oh, I do not know what I buy. Which is cheaper, then buy it. Basic — cereal needs. I do not buy milk. Bread products — and all are expensive. Eat dairy, meat is so much do not buy. "

Mrs."Oh, I can not say — very hard. With money hard! And in bread prices are rising, and rising milk — all the essentials. Total was less than buying. "


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