Army Air Defence has taken under the protection of 29 subjects of the Russian

C Friday's air defense ground forces, stationed in the Central Military District, took control of the airspace over the 29 subjects of Russia, said the spokesman Yevgeny Meshkov CVO.

"Today, in the district for the first time on combat duty have taken up six army air defense command posts. Team points are deployed near the cities of Novosibirsk, Samara, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg and Bijsk "- said the bag.

He explained that before an army air defense district, cooperating with the army aerospace defense, played a supporting role in covering the region from possible air attack, information about the traffic situation

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Lock and began pre-production prototypes Ka-52K for the Mistral

Lock and began the first prototypes of the Ka-52K (ship) for universal ship-helicopter "Mistral" said RIA Previews Tuesday's press secretary company "Helicopters of the Russian Federation" Roman Kirillov.

"At the moment there is the ready prototypes, but we can not name the amount due to the fact that it is in the interest of the military department," — said Kirillov.

He said that as long as the "Mistral" does not come from France to Russia, working out problems on take off and landing of helicopters on the deck of an aircraft carrier is planned for the "Admiral Kuznetsov".


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Beginning of the Battle of Stalingrad

At night July 12, 1942 the commander of the Southwestern Front, Marshal Semyon Konstantinovich Timoshenko received a telegram from the Supreme Command (SHK). South-Western Front was transformed into Stalingrad. As a result, even before the first battles on the far outskirts of Stalingrad was the beginning of the war newcomer step. Battle began, which was to decide the final campaign in 1942 and become a fundamental, strategic turning point in the whole war.

The previous steps

After the victory at Kharkov in May 1942, Hitler gave the order to divide the Army Group "South" in the two groups.

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Began to receive new air defense missile target

New target missile "Strela-10IVTS" began arriving in the air defense units of the Land Forces of Russia.


The new missile target on flight characteristics simulates flight of various aerial targets. Including elements of high-precision weapons, as well as jet aircraft at speeds of 200 to 400 meters per second. "

For the manufacture of the new target missile used anti-aircraft missiles (SAMs) 9M37M with expired service life and be destroyed. This allows you to not only get an inexpensive target missiles for air defense practical training, but also in part to remove the issue of utilization

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PBRK Bastion and his main weapon — ASM Onyx


In the 80 years of the last century in the Soviet Union to replace the complexes "Redoubt" and "Boundary" began to develop a new set of coastal defenses on the basis of perspective at the time anti-ship missiles. New mobile coastal missile system (PBRK) was named "Bastion". Because of the collapse of the Soviet Union to bring development to the end of the complex was only in recent years. After the start of production of the complex Russia has become a market leader in the production of anti-coastal complexes and apparently retain this leadership for the next

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In Spain, declared an emergency warning for heat wave

Heat established in most parts of the country. Thermometer exceeds the mark of plus 40 degrees, at night the temperature does not drop below 30.

Acts "yellow" hazard category. Residents advised how to spend less time on the street. Doctors are advised to drink more water and do not overeat. According to meteorologists, the heat will last until the end of next week.


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Bran: the decision five problems

It's no secret that the products are divided into useful and not so. For example, fruits and vegetables are much healthier cakes and sweets, bread and bran usual. But if fruits and vegetables all clear, then what is the use of bran notorious for many remains a mystery. Try to understand.

Bran said that usually goes to waste when grinding the grain into flour. If you do not go too far in botany, is all that is around the core of starchy grains. Bran too nutritious, but are beneficial to the organism contain substances: cellulose, vitamins and minerals.

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Fish kills in the Bryansk region



BRYANSK, July 26. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Oleg Artiushin /. Mass death of fish recorded in reservoirs in the south of the Bryansk region. According to the administration Pogar district, a large number of dead fish found in the last week in the river Sudost. Among the dead fish out of water, — pike, catfish and tench.

To investigate the cause of death of fish an expert committee. The first analyzes showed that the level of oxygen in the water is four times lower than normal, and the concentration of phosphate in the five times the exposure

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Mexican investigators: End of the world? No, never heard of ….

MEXICO CITY, Nov. 21. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Sergey Novozhilov /. Do not expect the end of the world in December 2012 code on the Mayan calendar. Nothing will happen, because the creators of ancient chronology never foresaw the collapse of civilization. This was stated by the researchers of the Mayan culture during the "round table", held in the Mexican city of Palenque. It was attended by 64 experts from 12 countries of the world.

According to them, the Mayan calendar does not end in December next year, but only "dates back to" zero. "This confirms

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Russia is going through a snow apocalypse

Moscow recently experienced a real traffic jams, when one day the city received more than 254 mm of snow. This rainfall is considered to be the January monthly norm. Due to snow, thousands of passengers were forced to spend the night in the city's leading airports, as the aircraft could not fly in such weather.

After a snowfall of some residents of the capital could not get to his car, the roads near the houses, small streets were under the impressive snow. They did not even able to get road service workers to start clearing. Of course, due to

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