A variety of reports of Russian armored vehicles

In recent years, the Russian Defense Ministry embarked on transparent. High-ranking officials of the Ministry of Defense are often involved in press conferences, give interviews and publish compelling information. August 8, accomplished another press conference with the role of the Deputy Secretary of Defense Alexander Sukhorukov, which open a discussion on the progress of the State programs from re-calculated to 2020. As is always the case, were presented not only pleasing announcements.

Let's start with the positive reports on Russian armored vehicles. According to Sukhorukov, at a press conference in the shops and on platforms Kurganmashzavod were about hundreds of

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Petrozavodskmash equipment manufactured by order of Tatneft

JSC "Petrozavodskmash" (included in the Engineering Division of Rosatom — AtomEnergoMash) shipped stripper and deethanizer for the company "Tatneft" in the framework of the concluded in 2010 a contract to manufacture five units of column equipment for complex under construction in Nizhnekamsk refinery and petrochemical plants "Taneco." For products shipped to the customer by water, as they relate to the over-sized: the weight of each of nearly 100 tons, diameter reaches 4.5 m

The equipment — part of a combination of the hydrocracking. By the beginning of summer 2012 three of the five pillars (stripper diesel fraction, fractionation and debutanizer)

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Petrozavodskmash manufactured housing sets of steam generators for Novovoronezh NPP-2

«Petrozavodskmash" production site of JSC "AEM technology" (included in the Engineering Division AtomEnergoMash Rosatom) has shipped the last fourth of the steam generator enclosure kit cases for Novovoronezh NPP-2 (NV NPP-2).

Transportation of the body is carried by water steam. Petrozavodskmash from the pier on Lake Onega cargo on the ship went to Moscow, on his road to deliver Machine-Building Plant "ZIO-Podolsk" (also included in AtomEnergoMash). 

In production at Petrozavodskmash remain set of 4 blocks of steam generators for the Leningrad NPP-2, and 2 cases designed for the Baltic nuclear power plant.

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A variety of outcomes of army reform

Brand new concept to reform the Russian armed forces began in 2008 (prior ended in 2004). In the process it is meant to embody a set of measures, which in the end will be changed structure, size and structure of the Armed Forces.

Thus, the system has undergone changes in control of the armed forces: instead of a four-structure (military District, army, division, regiment) formed a three-stage (Military District, Operational Command, Brigade). As a result of reorganization was formed four military neighborhood: West, East, Central, South. Reform found that all the troops stationed on the ground formed districts under

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In southern India killing elephants


In the south of India from a new disease killed six elephants

3.01.11.Indiyskie elephants killed in the south of the new disease brought by domestic animals.


Writes about it on Monday, January 3, Indian English-language daily newspaper Pioneer.

It is reported that in the last 20 days veterinarians recorded in Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve (the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu), six deaths from hemorrhagic septicemia elephants. This area is home to about six thousand wild elephants, whereas only in India, there are about 25 thousand.

According to experts, the outbreak was the result of the local community

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Anomaly ozone hole over Antarctica is almost explained

A significant reduction in Antarctic stratospheric ozone hole in 2010, and over the past years — the result of extreme weather events, sometimes peculiar to the polar winter.Scientists call this a sudden stratospheric warming (sudden stratospheric warming, SSW).

The ozone hole of 2010 was one of the smallest. The largest size (22.2 million km ²), it reached 25 September (in the diagram). (Image NASA Ozone Watch.)Annual appearance Antarctic ozone hole is associated with a gradual increase in atmospheric concentrations of chlorine-induced production of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). International efforts to reduce emissions have led to a gradual decrease in the atmospheric

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Fish kill in Arkansas


01.03.11. SalamNews, F.Halilova. Several thousand dead drum fish (family stsienovyh) washed ashore in Arkansas, near Roseville.

Arkansas State Department of Health recommends that fishermen of the village near the Roseville boat landing on the Arkansas River not to eat dead fish floating on the surface of the water, reports SalamNews reference to CNN.

Fishing and fishing Commission and Department of Environmental Quality, Arkansas are investigating the situation to determine the causes of environmental disaster, Inspector rule version of toxic emissions or low oxygen content.

Recall that on January 1 in Arkansas were killed over a thousand

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Chelyabinsk drowned. No options

In Chelyabinsk, in the shortest time necessary to reconstruct old storm sewers and build

new. Such an order on July 18 staff meeting at City Hall gave his zamam head of the city administration Sergey Davydov. The existing storm sewer system on July 15 once again did not withstand the pressure of the elements: the central streets — Blucher, Engels Thieves — cars with difficulty, but the way through flood waters. But in remote areas of the city — Traktorozavodsky and Lenin — shower was a real emergency.

Elements can, and passed by a part of

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Aliens Among Us




In Dalnegorsk area each year are recorded several meetings with UFO


July 26 last year Kavalerovsky programmer Alexander B. resting on the sea coast in the South Bay area Ol'ginsky area under s. Timothy. Just where not long ago wanted to build nuclear power

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In Italy, the fixed mass death of birds. Video


7.01.11.Italyanskie experts investigate the cause of death of four hundred pigeons found dead along a road near the town of Faenza in the Northern Italian province of Ravenna, RIA Novosti reported. They could become a victim of an epidemic or chemical poisoning, because the area has several factories.

January 1, in the U.S. state of Arkansas has killed more than three thousand dead blackbirds. Scientists have suggested that they have lost their way because of the explosion of firecrackers and fireworks, disoriented in space and began crashing into homes, cars and each other.

In addition, about sixty dead

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