Chinese helicopter market price

Chinese helicopter market price

Held last week in another exhibition Zhuhai Airshow China 2012 — a good opportunity to experience the Chinese market. Because all the world aircraft manufacturers to work intensively kerf and vertoletostroiteli no exception.

According to the company Eurocopter, Chinese civilian helicopter market and napolovinuvoennyh (municipal special purpose helicopters) for 2013-2017. estimated at 2.5 billion euros (or $ 3.2 billion).

By all indications, should significantly increase the implementation of general purpose helicopter aviation (GA). Significant growth in the market ANI According to experts, justified liberalization of the air space at low altitudes.

Moderately billion distributed between helicopter manufacturers and make 15% yearly growth. Stronger position stored in the main market sectors: oil and gas extraction, police, search and rescue support.

In 2011, Eurocopter China sold to private owners — 15 helicopters. This is substantially more than the previous years, when the helicopter was selling 2-3 per year. The company does not lose optimism about sales in 2013

Currently, the park nonmilitary helicopters China has about 300 units., 2015 to grow to 500 by 2020 and to double the level achieved in 1000 units.

The main obstacle to the development of China’s helicopter market — the lack of prepared pilots and technicians. Helicopter manufacturers urgently make training courses for pilots in the local context and work with Chinese educational institutions on the creation of the reserve cooking technique. There for that fight. At stake — 2.5 billion euros for the coming 5 years.

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