Dramatic warming triggered landslide in the private sector in Barnaul

Collapsed about 20,000 cubic meters of earth, no one appears injured, told RIA Novosti on defense and emergency management on the Central area of the city.

According to a witness, at one's neighbors porch, "left", while others leaned outdoor toilet. "All garden plots are sloped," — said Panarin, whose house was on the edge of the cliff.

"At the break to a depth of nearly 60 meters away from us are the trees. Early as Monday, these trees were growing in my garden … I have not heard how it was, but neighbors say they all popped. Rift has gone from the streets to our Prisyagina Tachalova streets, "- told the agency.

In the Central District Administration understand this problem, but RIA Novosti said that the restoration of the collapsed river bank "requires huge funds, and they are not."

Meanwhile, experts landslide station conducted a visual inspection of the site, in the vicinity of which there was cleavage of the soil. Security and livelihoods of people in this place is not in danger, but experts will continue to monitor and recommend to the city authorities to relocate the residents of houses located close to the fault on the street Tachalova № 131, 132 and Prisyagina, № 4.

"The landslide was expected, last year we recorded in this place ground stakes and cracks. At that has fallen off so much of the ground, wag spring thaw," — said hydrogeologist Barnaul landslide station Marcel Gareeva.

According to him, Landslide will continue. In the eyes of RIA news, there was another collapse — this time the foundation collapsed house, which was demolished last year.

At the moment, the family waiting for the reaction from the city authorities. Houses on the street Tachalova built almost Ob separates from the river bank at home up to 60 meters and gardens.

Source: RIA "Novosti".

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