Earthquake in Italy: a photo essay

According to updated data in the earthquake May 29, 2012 in the north-east of Italy killing at least 8 people. The event took place in the region of Emilia-Romagna, and tremors were felt up to Milan.
1.A cloud of dust rose after an earthquake struck the building in Mirandola.

2.The dog in the wreckage enterprise Mirandola.


3.Employees of the company "Meta" mourn the three victims of the building collapse in San Felice.


4.Part of the ornament of the church in Modena Voto broke during the earthquake.


5.Firefighters are trying to find people under the rubble of the collapsed company in Mirandola.


6.Volunteer in the center of Milan helps people to evacuate.


7.View of the towers of San Felice, collapsed during the earthquake and suffered during the events of May 20.

8.Mirandola residents evacuated from their homes.


9.Houses destroyed in San Felice during the event.


10.Debris in an area of San Felice.

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