First appeared in a children’s park Sovgavan (Khabarovsk Territory)

The first children's park appeared in Sovetskaya Gavan in the Khabarovsk Territory. Safe Park was the first project of this level in the region.


Playground, created with the support of the charity fund "Naked Heart", was the first stage a large-scale reconstruction of the city park Sovgavan "Green Cape".

"It used to park" Green Cape "was administered by the district and was quite well-groomed, demanding reconstruction — says the mayor of Sovetskaya Gavan Paul Borowski. — Then we were able to transfer him to the city and begin his transformation. In 2010, the city won a grant for the development of American Project theme park. And Children's Park was the first stage of reconstruction, "Verde." Next to the park will be equipped with tennis courts, a climbing wall, bike paths, picnic areas. "


According to Paul Borowski, the park will be equipped in such a way that it could relax the citizens of all ages. "The park area — 2430 square meters. This area will be equipped and walking paths for young mothers with strollers, and play areas for young children, and sports facilities for young people. Thus will create good conditions for continuity — kids will see how involved in sports and more adults will themselves take up the sport healthy lifestyle. assumed that the park will operate year-round, "- says the mayor of Sovetskaya Gavan.

Children's park was created with the support of the "Naked Heart", founded by Natalia Vodianova came to town for the opening of the object. Playground in Sovetskaya Gavan was the most expensive of all the objects of the fund — are the cause of transportation costs associated with delivery of equipment to the site.

"Our city is constantly involved in various competitions and grants, we are trying to use every opportunity to improve the image of the city, to make it easier and more enjoyable for its residents, — says the head of the investment policy of the administration Sovgavan Maria Blinkova. — Low capacity of the city are quite modest, so Support is not superfluous. And thanks to the support fund, arrangement of the playground cost the municipality of just 1 million. town has undertaken improvement areas — fencing, lighting, CCTV, green spaces, guard's house. Also, the city administration will ensure the maintenance of the park. A park construction, equipment purchase and delivery — these charges were undertaken by the fund. " 


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