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In the days of pension payment in the mail is going to a lot of older people. They are not aware that they are being can watch crooks who cynically scheduled next victim. Says Deputy Chief of Investigations Slantsevskiy ATS O.V.ILIN:

— Crimes that are committed in order to take the money in the elderly, are committed for several years, but the scammers show some creativity, coming up with new ways to trick unsuspecting citizens. In 2004, 5 months instituted five criminal cases, but only recorded nine such cases in which criminals managed to achieve its goal under the guise of divination. The victims each time were elderly women over 70 years old that went to the address after receiving a pension.

They quietly escorted to the house and in the yard near the entrance, and then right at the entrance approached them one or two women in his fifties. They are represented by fortune tellers, healers and old women say that "see" the evil eye damage, which is why they have health in the near future will worsen. And then he offered to help this trouble. Usually they say you've already poor health and now. This phrase works perfectly — who is no health problems, especially in such a ripe old age? On this subject, usually willing to talk, especially with strangers, who are they still listen? Fraudsters offer immediate help in "restoring the aura", "remove the evil eye", free of charge. But it does tell fortunes, pokoldovat in the apartment.

At this point, the pensioner are already completely under the influence of new friends. Fortuneteller invited to the apartment, and she begins to make a ritual. He asks, for example, bring a glass of water. Looks at him sadly and said, "Oh, all black, black circles, black vortex. Soon there will be big trouble, almost death. I can help. For this you need a towel and all the money available in the apartment. " Assures that only the commission of witchcraft.

Terrified pensioner meet this requirement, indeed, bring all the money yet and are interested, there will be enough. Fortune Teller wrap money in a towel and asks him to bring a rope to tie up the bundle. The hostess out of the room, and a fraud cleverly hides the money in your own pocket. When the rope bring, bundle has the same form. Crook of his bandages, makes "magical" passes and gives the package owner, with instructions to put under the pillow and unleash only after 21 days. In four cases out of five victims did so.

When discovering the loss, running to the police. But as time passed, the image of the "healer-boundary" has obliterated from memory, and indeed it has long left the city. All searches virtually ineffectual. Even in the case where a pensioner has failed to fulfill an order and unleashed a curiosity got the package in half an hour, set a swindler failed. We only know that this "activity" involved only women, and the Slavic appearance, not gypsies, well dressed, with disposable manners, at the age of 40-50 years.

It was possible to make fotokompozitsionny portrait (sketch) of one of them, by which being sought. But frankly, the chances of success are slim. As fraudsters — "stray guest performers." You can not even say for sure yet, go and see whether Slates same fraudsters. We compared Identikit with photographs of persons who are registered with us, it's about two thousand people. Convinced that the crimes under the same scenario take place in different parts of the Leningrad region, Gdovskii area. Everywhere scammers choose days of the receipt of pensions, as not every elderly person at home has significant savings, and retirement from the point of view of the criminals are of particular interest.

Using the fact that many older residents of the town are reading the newspaper, we call on them to be careful not to fall into the category of victims. It is not necessary to go for the pension alone, it is best to do it, accompanied by relatives, maybe together with friends or girlfriends. Lonely pensioner in the street may be subject to other, less crafty character property crimes. Even if people believe in fortune-telling, witchcraft, astrology, and the like, it is best to turn not to the first comer. Oil shale is to say, a professional fortune-teller, who for many years taking visitors at home. Not a single case, when the fortune teller would seek deceptive ways to lure customers for their money.

It is not the first time we caution: in any case, do not let strangers into your apartment, especially under such dubious pretext, as a free, speedy and complete cure for all diseases. It is best to such a proposal immediately politely say no and walk away without engaging in conversation. Fraudsters — good psychologists and know how to win the trust of strangers from the first minute. In all cases, the conversation with the future victims took them no more than 10-15 minutes. Not ruled out the use of hypnosis, so look in the eye so the interlocutors do not need. Otherwise, the person loses control over his actions and comply with any requirements.

In one of the last of these cases gave an elderly woman a fortune more than 6,000 rubles, which the daughter begged her to keep. And very worried whether enough of the money to witchcraft worked. The fortune-teller told her that she must give all the gold and jewelery. Victim gladly give anything, she was sure that her health would be stronger. I would like to appeal to men and younger who have elderly relatives: Dare to support the elderly, help to protect them from criminals.

Author: Svetlana F. Shishkin


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