In Siberia, can drastically change the climate

In view of climate change in the Tomsk region can come drought, said Sc.D., Professor Sergey Kirpotin ecologist. This was November 3rd Russian media reports citing Kirpotina.

According to him, the climate is changing in the entire West Siberian region.

"Climate is always changing. It's difficult to say what will happen with the Tomsk Region. Most likely he will be (climate) is warmer and rainfall increase, intensify Atlantic air transport. None of this is exactly not say, because there is a major overhaul of the climate system of the planet. The only thing we can say quite clearly that the climate was unpredictable and, as some meteorologists, hysterical, "- said the expert.

He also noted that because of the instability of the climate in the Tomsk region in Siberia as a whole are becoming more frequent catastrophic weather events: hurricanes and storms. Also, according to environmentalists, can occur in a drought.

"There are problems with the hydrological regime of rivers. Many of our rivers are glaciers and glaciers in the mountains very much reduced. With such trends are in the foreseeable future, and in a relatively short period of time could become extinct. Then we will have a huge problem with the water, "- said Sergey Kirpotin.

According to the expert, the continental climate prevailing in Western Siberia, is gradually becoming a temperate continental, and possibly moderate. Such changes may particularly affect the development of Tomsk economy.

"There was a series of mild winters, when we have not even swamps froze, and people could not properly organize winter roads. As a result of heavy vehicles could not pass. And this is a problem for loggers, because most of the forest divisible in such a situation are not available "- said Kirpotin.

Earlier "Bagnet" reported that climate is changing and the Ukraine. According to the forecasts of some experts, in 50 years it will be like the African.

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