Passenger Electrobus LiAZ shown at an exhibition in Moscow

Bus LiAZ 6274, refillable from the wall and a high-voltage cable, was shown at the exhibition "Elektromobiliada 2013" in Moscow. This Electrobus — development of Russian engineers from Smith-Zuev. To Moscow, he drove under its own power. Producers are hoping that soon in the capital will be just that, an environmentally friendly transportation.


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Its products have demonstrated and domestic manufacturers. "AvtoVAZ" brought electric Lada Ellada, created on the basis of the car Lada Kalina. Recall that 2013 was the beginning of mass production of electric vehicles in Russia. On a single charge Lada Ellada able to pass 150-170 kilometers, its maximum speed — 130 kilometers per hour. "Who made almost 70 cars, and a month later we have 100 of these produce electric vehicles, the bulk of which," says head of department vehicles with alternative power plants "AvtoVAZ" Sergey Ivlev. The car price — 1,250,000 rubles.

The company "Russian Buses — GAZ Group" presented Electrobus. Now the car is being tested, but we already know that, for example, in the winter it can operate in temperatures down to -30 degrees. Over capacity Electrobus not inferior to its competitors fuel: it contains about 90 — 100 passengers. Director of the Department to promote products of the company Vyacheslav Smith hopes that in 2014 will begin mass production of such vehicles. He also stresses that the price of the car — now Electrobus around twice as expensive than diesel buses — will justify itself in the process of further exploitation, which will cost the owner of a much smaller amount.

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