PETER Gitselov: I WANT TO HELP Rostov QUIT to the Premier League

[Img] [/ img] [i] Press office of FC "Rostov» [/ i] In the game with the "Vityaz" midfielder made his debut for Rostovites whose name is well known to fans of Don football with the experience. Peter Gitselov — the son of the famous veteran club Alexander Gitselova. [Cut] [b] — Peter, first of all, let me congratulate you with the debut of "growth." Share your first impressions. [/ B] — Thank you. I train with "Rostov" just over a week and have not quite joined the group. I am confident that with time things will get better. In a match with the "Vityaz" I was playing on the wing, in the "Ruby" I had a lot of positions: forward, central midfielder, even in the defense had to play. A couple of weeks finally build relationships with partners in the field and all will be fine. Russian championship level is very high. A lot of running, wrestling. [B] — You did play in different positions, which feel more comfortable? [/ B] — I originally played a central midfielder. But in Kazan, I have not played on this position, playing exclusively on the wing. We'll see. Where can bring to the team, there's going to play. [B] — How did the transition option in the "Rostov»? [/ B] — In December last year, there was talk about my possible move here. But then the head coach of the "Rubin" Kurban Berdyev left me in the team, saying that he needs me, so the transition has not taken place. Back to this issue now: club leaders agreed and here I am in "Rostov". [B] — Fans of the "yellow-blue" connect your transition to the command with certain expectations, noting that in your return to the land of the Don is a symbol that you say? [/ B] — It is very nice to hear. I want to help, "Rostov" to achieve the main goal for the season — to go to the Premier League, a team in the competition, but we'll see. [B] — For you as a surprise that in Novotroick fans came to support the team? [/ B] — Yes! I was very surprised, given that even abroad to away matches first league fans hardly come. It was nice and a good support team for help "pull" us a difficult match. [B] — Once I started talking about football overseas. What do you think, is there any appreciable difference between the Swedish and Russian football, and if so, what? [/ B] — The difference, of course, is, and more … [B] — … to the level or mentality? [/ B] — That's the mentality. In Soviet Russia remained traditions. Each match is almost decisive battle. There's not talk about it out loud, but everyone understands that the mood of the game is important, but people are thinking more about football than about the fight on the field. [B] — Moving away briefly from the topic "Rostov". You went to Don club from the team that leads the Premier League. Whereby the "Ruby" so successfully launched in the championship? [/ B] — First of all, the team came to the most experienced players — Semak, ribs, Karadeniz. There was the real power of the leaders of all fought cohesive team. Now all the teams are set to "Ruby" is entirely different. Now citizens a win is very difficult. [B] — to pursue a career in Rostov at the end of the lease term would be? [/ B] — It is difficult to talk about it when the season ends, we will return to this issue. I just do not want to guess. [B] — Have experienced some emotion when we came out on the field in the yellow-blue T-shirt with the emblem of "Rostov" on his chest? [/ B] — It was a pleasure to put on this form, because for my family this club means a lot: his father played here. To some extent, there is pressure on me about it (smiles). In any case, only positive emotions. [B] — By the way, why have chosen 7 th issue? [/ B] — From the only rooms available were those that "over 20" (laughs), so I chose "seven". In "Ruby" I was the 8th number, so that, stepping one step down in the division, and I decided to choose a room at one point less (laughs). [B] — Do not forget the look of Rostov-on-Don? [/ B] — Barely remember this park (the interview took place on the basis of the "Rostov" in the park to them. Ostrovsky). And the city itself is hardly remember, because he did not walk on it, after all was still small. I grew up in Taganrog, Rostov so now for me to a certain extent a novelty. [B] — Do you have more than three months to explore the city … [/ b] — Be sure to take this issue! This is important for a football player. I heard that the city is very good, so in the near future will begin to study it.

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