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PHENOMENON Filipino healers (witch doctor doing surgery without a scalpel), a series of unique photographic reports on which the newly published "AIF", is not fully understood completely, even by themselves. In Baguio City held the next congress of the Association of Philippine healers, which was extensively discussed one question: whether "faith healers" to make sure that modern man could live for 150 or even 200 years? The only journalist present at this meeting closed to the press, the browser was "AIF". Healers and told him the secrets of longevity possible …

Live prevents air
— If you take a lot of documentary evidence of ancient books, including the Bible, we find that five thousand years ago, people routinely live to two hundred years — explains Professor Jose Alvarez. — For example, Sarah, the wife of the Prophet Abraham was 65 years old at the height of feminine beauty, and fell in love with an Egyptian pharaoh. A girl Judith seduced Holofernes, commander so that he lost his head, literally, and all were under seventy. So what is the reason that in our time, a man of 70 years is considered a very old man? If such rates will all go on like this, in fact the prospects of humanity in the distant future unflattering. For five thousand years, life expectancy has fallen to two to three times. Perhaps, somewhere in 7004, the age will start only at the age of … 25!

Version of why this happens on hilerskom Congress has not put forward just lazy. First of all "healers" blamed … air. Gasoline vapors transform what we breathe, the toxins in the supersaturated poison. At this rate, already in 2020 the lungs man who never touched a cigarette lighter will remind chain smoker. In addition, the atomic age monstrously increased load on all the organs of the human body: for example, the brain must daily "digest" in 2500 (!) Times more information than in biblical times, which is why he wears out faster. The eyes see more than five hundred times, and ears to hear even more due to the fact that before there was such a variety of sounds, like rock music or noise of the aircraft. And the people were sleeping at the time of the biblical prophets, 12 hours a day. It is believed healers, decreased sleep — the main reason why the inhabitants of the earth lately die much faster. For example, recorded a high mortality rate among young managers in Japan, which operate 18 hours a day.

Replacement parts for the body
— There are a few decisions you need to do — says the oldest Filipino healer, 84-year-old Reno Fiorentino. — It is possible to climb shortly after birth in the mountains where the air is clean, spend their years of pleasing the eye of nature, do not watch TV or listen to the radio, only eat roots, fruit trees and fish caught in streams, sleep, exactly half of the day. This simple and completely absurd at first glance, the method brings amazing results. Think of hermits, leaving in the high mountain areas to live in solitude and prayer. As a rule, their life in such circumstances, ends at least a hundred years.

Other healers object — say, a mountain air is not recovered. The human body for thousands of years so degraded that the correct way of living is too late to correct. Therefore, in order to increase life expectancy simply need to carry out the necessary operations on a regular basis in order to "update the outdated structure of the body." However, current hilerskie rejuvenation surgery — the strongest man hypnosis when he wiped his face and neck skin with boiling milk (so that it does not remain a trace of burns, almost a recipe from "The Little Humpbacked Horse"). However, they do not prolong life, but only improve the appearance. And now think of themselves healers try these interesting methods — gradual removal of any of the aging of the body, so that they then … restored themselves, becoming completely new.

The method of Pharaoh
— Here is a look — shows the healer Kevin Hernandez at an elderly woman with an unnaturally young skin. — When the skin just sear, grows a new "glossy". What we are doing in the Philippines since the last century, now began to practice leading beauticians of the world. They are "updating" the face with acid. We want to work out the next option — if a person has a sore heart, then we will begin to remove the affected part in the day to day operations (as we know, we do not need to do this each time to cut the body) several millimeters, and the body itself will automatically replace the removed tissue perfectly healthy . Similarly, we can deal with the dying brain cells. The problem — with light smoker, as there are too broad scope of destruction. But with the liver may not be issues if the time to start a "shoot" sick area. Thus, the process of aging will slow down significantly. Cloned and implanted organs I would not dare, because they can start or rejection, or "eating" healthy clones of cells.

In general, how many people — so many opinions. Some healers in order to lengthen the life, offer a way to rejuvenate the ancient kings of Egypt. One of them managed to a reign of one hundred years, pumping in your veins through a complicated arrangement of pure gold blood of young slaves. Over time, the blood of "older" and "spoiled" and should be changed regularly — a liter every year. David Hiler Baro, this method is considered true, long studied people who are almost completely transfused blood or most complex after car accidents. According to Baro, three quarters of the patients then lived more than 85 years. Thus David with a completely serious look … refers to the legend of vampires — they say, no accident took stories about creatures that drank fresh blood almost every day and lived for centuries.

After discussing about ten different versions, a consensus healers in Baguio did not come. By evening, decided, each offering something new, first to try it by yourself — in particular, to remove part of the heart, or, even worse, take a chance to live without the TV news, only breathing oxygen. All that's great, that's just the results of such studies will have to wait quite a long time. After all, to understand what happened with the Filipino healers and what is not, it will be at best a hundred years or so …

By the way
Scientists still can not establish the exact age of the remains of ancient people and parking have been found in the 1988-1994. Africa and Britain. It is possible that they died at the age of 120-140 years. Greek "father of history" Herodotus in his description of Atlantis mentioned that "the Atlanteans lived long. Centennial man was not considered as an old man, people said that he was only in the middle of life's journey. " Spanish colonizers who looked in the XVI century in South America, the mysterious mountain country Eldorado, was mentioned in the chronicles that "the inhabitants of her stature" and "the king of the rules of one hundred and fifty years, and the other — one hundred thirty." Longevity citizens have not found Eldorado supposed to have received from the drug, is prepared with "blue crystals." And people such as Adolf Hitler, 150 years is not going to live — the Third Reich, Hitler wanted to stay alive … for a thousand years! Ways to support Hitler in standard conditions is being sought by a special medical department of the SS, but in 1943 work for unknown reasons, have been curtailed.

George Zotov, Manila — Moscow


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